Catch me when I fall

Catch me when I fall

25 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell


The ducks are flying

Their sturdy wings an emblem

Of solidity


Wisps of airborne white

Traces of a tree shedding

All springtime’s whispers


Bosoms opening

Memories of summer hay

Open green meadows


Waterhen gliding

The reed caressed by the winds

Heartbeats in the chest


Willow tree rising

The bees humming in the sky

Afternoons of May


Summertime blue thoughts

Sprouts springing in rising mind

Catch me when I fall


Reading of the poem:

Evgeni’s Waltz – Abel Korzeniowski



13 February 2020

Courtesy George Redhawk



The slates wiped away

Room empty

No issue

Just water for some tissues

Spread out on my frock


I crane neck

Following through the insight

Dreary eyes

Unseen wounds

Figures with their knots set loose

Exchanging content


Play no more

Said voice in bosom



All will collect in dismay

The moments of loss


Reading of the poem:

Meu Fado – Mariza

I walk with you

I walk with you

19 December 2017

Christian schloe pinterest com 35 amor-propio-mujer-con-pájaro-en-el-hombro.jpg


I talk to you

Through the summer sky

I talk to you

When the clouds all cry

I talk to you

In the powdery snow

I talk to you

In the sun’s halo


And when all the seasons are changing

Only my love is spent rearranging

All the words that we’d been exchanging

From our hearts that are never changing


I walk with you

Through the rustling trees

I walk with you

Never on my knees

I walk with you

You’re the only one I see

I walk with you

There’s none else for me


And when all the seasons are changing

Only my love is spent rearranging

All the words that we’d been exchanging

From our hearts that are never changing


I talk to you

Through the summer sky

I talk to you

When the clouds all cry


I walk with you

Through the rustling trees

I walk with you

Never on my knees


And when all the seasons are changing

Only my love is spent rearranging

All the words that we’d been exchanging

From our hearts that are never changing


Singing of the lyrics: 


Tombstones seal

Tombstones seal

2 May 2017

memory deviantart com tears_of_stone_iii_in_memoriam_by_aphostol
Courtesy Aphostol on

Skies that rise

Forgotten the wise

Set sunrise

On demise

The nothing in glaring beam

To be what they seem


Birds that mock

Seasons out of stock

Set the lock

On havoc

Desolation way of stream

In the human dream


None to stand

I let go Her hand

Cattle brand

In the land

No power left to rewind

Destiny of blind


Sands that grind

Rising seas unkind

Stars that wind

In Her mind

Death oncoming theirs to find

Earth in crust to bind


Dust piling

Thunder beguiling

Ropes filing

Times riling

Unshed the voice of the meek

In the desert streak


Ceilings peel

Pillars downtown reel

Tendrils feel

Tombstones seal

Winds of raging death that reek

Of destruction’s peak


Reading of the poem: 

memory deviantart com tears_of_stone_by_aphostol
Courtesy Aphostol on

Dream 1 (Before the wind blows it all away) – Max Richter

The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

drowning wifflegif com

True Love that fenders

True Love that fenders

26 December 2016

Courtesy Thomasz Alen Copera


Seasons fly

In the greying sky

Winter’s last

Face downcast

Brooding through the memories past

Fishing net to cast


See me rise

In eastern sunrise

Land yellow

Heart mellow

Soft they spoke now they bellow

Seeking own fellow


Safety keep

In the rising heap

Bones that pile

Wilting smile

One by one they cast down tile

Sweltering roof beguile


Shelter build

With the Golden Guild

Bridge in ink

Over brink

Cast the shores for ships that sink

In true minds hearts think


Chest to bare

Dragons lay in lair

Holding dear

Scales to rear

Music boxes that they fear

Balance of the seer


Crawl ensnare

Three who move the air

Breath benders


Guards of night that surrenders

True love that fenders


Reading of the poem:

dragon Thomasz alen copera 3

Nothing really ends – dEUS

Magdalena – dEUS

Little Arithmetics – dEUS


The flaming bushes

The flaming bushes

13 July 2016

colours messiah rassouli artfinehearts com
Courtesy Rassouli on


Thwarting Time

My hands unconstrained

Strumming rhyme

As it rained

From heavens dewdrops gathered

In my blooming Heart


The moon spake

Of suns disappeared

Like spirits

Of the leaves

Upon fall of seasons rake

Disincarnate flow


She said soft

I rise while he sets

I bed him

He bid me

A goodbye morrow’s token

The flaming bushes


Reading of the poem: 

colours newdawncollections com 2
Courtesy Rassouli on

Song to the moon – Antonin Dvorak (Soprano: Renée Fleming)

Return to the Source

Return to the Source

25 June 2016

heavenlyskies bau


I picked daisies

From fields of wild bloom

Setting course on springtime’s kiss

Seasons gone amiss

Weather man’s honey moon


Perhaps too soon

Autumn leaves flocked tight

Whirling around summer days

Wayward are the ways

Of seasons of half light


Winter spelt ice

In caverns of glass

Winding weaving underpass

Crossing through mountains

Built on the desert sands


Leaves joining hands

Pining for the rake

Obedient the waning piles

Counting on the rain

Renewal in the moss


Midsummer mind

In between seasons

Looking back at spring’s folly

Under feet quicksand

Looking forth take a toss


Check the boxes

Sit back set the course

Stormy weather is the key

Return to the Source

All set for the journey


Reading of the poem: 

heavenlyskies plus google com Bojan Jevti-ç _I See you Everywhere_signature_reverse

Shores of your Lies – Leah

Between Two Worlds – Leah

We will go Home – Leah

Vois impérissable senteur des blancs Lys / See the lasting scent of the white lilies

Vois impérissable senteur des blancs Lys

18 janvier 2016

fleur CaroleBailly-Maître deviantart com (2)
Courtesy Carole Bailly-Maître on

Le temps immuable saisons en solstice

Les saisons de cœur chanson pour muets

Etreindre douleurs diapasons fluets

Mots inabordables fermés les calices


Las impénétrables de roches interstices

Les raisons de peur refrains pour muer

Impatientes couleurs les tempêtes huer

Vois impérissable senteur des blancs Lys


Raisons dérisions le temps des débats

Le flanc exposé nombreux les vautours

Amours confusions piétinés abats


Passé composé le temps des détours

Humour perfusions le cœur qu’on abat

Silence imposé s’en va trois petits tours


fleur nicky08 centerblog net 3
Courtesy nicky08 on


Poem translated into a Sonnet in English (Italian sonnet version rhyme pattern could not be kept) trying to keep some of the same meanings and attempting to maintain somewhat a rhyme pattern



See the lasting scent of the white lilies

January 18, 2016

flower Sidero 75 deviantart com (2)
Courtesy sidero75 on

The time unchangeable seasons solstices

Seasons of the heart, song for the dumbstruck

Embracing the pains slender tuning forks

Words unaffordable closed chalices


Tired impenetrable of rock the interstices

The reasons of fear, refrains for change

Impatient colors the storms derange

See the lasting scent of the white lilies


Reasons derision debates interval

The exposed flank many the vultures

Loves confusion trampled offal


Past perfect compounded time of detours

Humor infusions the heart being felled

Imposed silence leaves on three little tours


fleur nicky08 centerblog net 2
Courtesy nicky08 on

It is as always very difficult to translate poetry from French into English. I shall just take an example to showcase this which is not due merely to the words but also to the different cultural references. For example the last words of the poem “s’en va trois petits tours” which illustrates well this difficulty in translating some French poems into English:


Trois petits tours alludes to the children’s song, the equivalent of nursery rhymes in English, “Trois petits tours et puis s’en va” which somehow brings to mind a pattern of something coming to play along and then leaving for some other playgrounds elsewhere before coming back again.
At the same time there is an implicit reference to three towers that could be three choices that would lock the poet but we don’t know what is the nature of each tower, whether it could be an ivory tower of isolation or a tower of loss of independence, the tower of a lover, the tower of a tyrant etc. I let you imagine different outcomes as the case may be with your own personal experience 🙂


A very big thank you to Globalinfo4all ( who sent me the reference of this fantastic composer Yuhki Kuramoto that just ignited the writing of this poem. My poems are always based on personal experiences but these are somehow dormant inside until a spark ignites them, such as the one today from my friend G4all. Note: I wish people would put clearly their name in their gravatar (available under public display name for your gravatar). You can name your wordpress website whatever you want but it would be really nice if you actually went to your gravatar and put a proper public display name that we could refer to you by (and I mean this for all people who have those mysterious or totally unreadable or “unmouthable” names). We poets and writers love to relate so if you want to remain anonymous, please at least put a fake name that we can call you by 🙂




Romance – Yuhki Kuramoto

Second romance – Yuhki Kuramoto

Memory of Love – Yuhki Kuramoto

Nostalgia – Yuhki Kuramoto

Meditation – Yuhki Kuramoto

Man and sun conspired

Man and sun conspired

5 January 2016

vast clouds


The sun emerged white

Battling with moonlit traces

Broad skies twined two lights


The moon shied away

Night’s ample reach drowned in cold

Conceding fair skies


Sunny morrows rose

Shining petals shone through clouds

Limitless broad smiles




Awakening birds

Chirped through boundless horizons

Voices crystal clear


Winter clothed vast lands

In mocking fields of springtime

Luminous rain fell


Pleasant flowers laughed

Immense wit to trick seasons

Man and sun conspired


vast jasmine

This post is inspired by nature in Dubai in winter and by the prompts in Ronovan writes weekly Haiku poetry prompt challenge using the words vast, clear and their synonyms. Ping back and rules here

I got the Sun in the Morning – Doris Day