Take me home

27 November 2010


When it is all over and finally done

When my breath will have stopped

When all colour from me has gone

When my heart many a beat skipped

Take me home


 When the light in my eye is so jaded

When dark night is paler than my lips

When all rose from my nails has faded

When you see a black tinge at the tips

Take me home


When movement catches not my eye

When my head is stiff, held upright

When of my bosom you hear no sigh

When my hand is rigidly closed tight

Take me home


When my toe extended stays curled

When my body’s twist seems awkward

When not a word from me is hurled

When my gaze passing looks onward

Take me home


When you lay me down feel no sorrow

When all is left of me is but mere ashes

When you speak I will be in the morrow

When you read me, I’ll come in flashes

I am finally home


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Point break, the limits of injustice that disappoint

9 November 2010


 Σ ∞

I await that one truly Just at last they will appoint

This justice system with injustice, us it did anoint

My finger is crooked my every member is disjoint

To wait and to point, myself, in vain I disappoint

 Σ ∞

The waiting that stretches beyond breaking point

I am dead sea as arthritis invades my every joint

To injustice and inequity every finger I may point

But wailing and pointing, in vain are, though joint

 Σ ∞

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 Σ ∞


 Σ ∞


French justice, a cloak of wear and tear

9 November 2010



Fool I try to catch now what I had let go, haughty mare

Ailments in wailing I cry me a pail so wail as they stare

I go on oblivious to their frowns heeding not their glare

Banshee and ogress I turn, I once little frightened hare


I run in a competition that has no concept left of the fair

My ankles flailing don’t allow me to climb so many a stair

Higher in injustice I rise and oxygen in purity fails my pair

Air I beseech, sweet air, oh I gasp within my hidden lair


I run, reach out but all I reach is nothing but this thin air

I run here, no, wrong place it is there, I cry tear my hair

I seek; know not how to reach within this vile Vanity Fair

Blue white red between grey mirth and such dark despair


Their justice more injustice would once more for us bare

In impunity they carve into their system with such care

Intricate details to make you win any if not all your share

Of misery as they deny you. Fight back? Don’t you dare!






Exchanging role, relinquishing control

4 November 2010

Alas I am now imprisoned in my mind

And it seems I cannot set myself free

For no reason I have to always remind

Myself of torment and with such glee

How to know when is the time to let go

How to know if blinded you cannot see

It is more difficult than you’d ever know

It would be for you, it is so hard for me

Some say it is a mere question of now

Some deprive you of access to eternity

Some crude, lewd fail to even see how

You cannot, now set free, be but felicity

I shake my head say this is mine plight

You cannot bear it, for it is mine to be

And on I would stay at it awake all night

Cloaked in renewed anguish and misery

Darkness had me many a thought grind

As my mind wandered from coast to sea

I never meant to turn and look behind

You were meant to disappear, a remedy

And through those nights I’d toil and row

As I tended and cared to them mine three

Alas you now smothered my trace in snow

Left me out in cold night wailing banshee

When the marriage is dissolved no vow

Does that dissolve for me my maternity?

I bore them in me then, despite our row

You cannot fail my right to love but see

I wither as he deprives me of their sight

My anguish is my only robe to the knee

I stumble may fall, I never learnt to fight

What was supposed to be one knit family

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My colour blue

4 November 2010


I was thinking of memories that come sweet

Memories soft when I think of us two

And as always it comes when our eyes meet

Soft and heartfelt my colour blue


Take it away take it away and make it flee

All sadness will go now with you

As always when you come to just cloak me

Goes away from me the colour blue


Time comes goes by and relentless I know

That for always you’d paint me with you

Time to time pink and rosy or yellow

When summer comes and shows us its dew


Take it away take it away this sadness

And let the happiness shine through

For always when you come to me love

There’s no scent left of my colour blue


Memories scorch me as they come engulf me

For without you it would come so true

Oh I thought I had lost it so rosy

Yet it comes back forlorn my colour blue


Take it away take it away with gladness

The gladness I found out with you

And for always this colour paint rosy

So I can forget my colour blue


But then darkness may come and wash over

All these rosy and pastels we knew

And it always remains as it was then

Only me and that washed colour blue


Take it away take it away this madness

This madness when I’m missing you

For I still feel now and never less

Always painted this sad colour blue


And it always remains as it was then

Only me and that washed colour blue

Only me and that washed colour blue


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Burn witch burn

And the witch burnt, flames crackling in delight

As her ghastly cackles rang wildly through the night

September 17 and October 10, 2010


Stacking, packing, they crowed so, cheered on

Soon this dark Witch would be burnt, be gone

The trial you ask? Village fool a cloak did don

In the land of why not and a time once upon


The men lined up jeering were hardly forlorn

One whistled soft sneers, another blew a horn

The women between two minds seemed torn

A woman gazed intently, nursing a new-born


The wood was there now, it seemed enough

This burning, a chore, would not be so tough

They piled hearth, the smooth and the rough

A fledgling cried silenced by his mother’s cuff


Yet the waif looked on at that tasteless sight

He seemed to find that in her dark was light

Prying open the maternal clutch ever so tight

He approached the pyre so observe he might


Bushes thorny white into her hair had grown

To hold back her arms that eerie glow shone

And while there she stood on the altar alone

The moonlight sparkled on her face of stone


With haggard glazed eyes she gazed around

Hands, helpless, behind her, she was bound

Eyes resting on that cherub’s face so round

She felt less the gnawing of the ruddy hound


And as the fire soared higher, much higher

Lighting up her dark’s doom to their desire

Of the flame she felt not much the bite dire

Her eyes locked on to the eyes that inspire


And so burnt the witch on a day of plenty

An age she counted two twenty and twenty

After she burnt, in the square again empty

The waif looked within where she lay gently


Skipping away, as the sky had turned black

The waif ran home never even looking back

For he held now close tight in his heart rack

A shadow of her vengeance he would stack


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Stack the wood, light the fire

St Patrick’s day  

St Jeanne’s way  

11 September 2010  

You took a second look  

A wish that came true  

For in that small book  

The colour was so blue  

Twas a new age Avatar  

In a world full of change  

Living in a coloured Bazaar  

That may a mind derange  

You feel good and I feel blue  

Rhyme in woods for me and you  

And as you will that blue admire  

Some just stack it for their bonfire  

Bring the wood and stuff the hay  

Hasten now your step you crowd  

St Patrick or else St Jeanne’s day  

All fire we’ll cheer clear and loud  

It might be that it’s St Patrick’s day  

They danced and feasted in delight  

For finally they’d have their way  

The witch will burn now in its light 



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