Time to let you go

Time to let you go

13 December 2015


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Embers’ trail

Dull feeling of fire

The core numb

The limbs frail

From unreal I beg a crumb

Dreaded woods to stoke


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Ghostly trace

Whispers of your face


Slow fading

Your traits linings of dark clouds

Please summon the rain


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The mind’s dread

Winding memory

Music box

Crimson scars

You twinkle now in the stars

Your song in my head


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Memory’s lane

Walking on stray glass

Shredded feet

Eyelids’ flood

Your heartbeat alive in pain

Coursing through my blood


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Heartbreak’s ebb

Time to let you go

Heartbreak’s flow

Heartache’s peak

Panic striking me so weak

The thought of goodbyes


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It’s not goodbye – Laura Pausini

Softly I will fade

Softly I will fade

26 November 2015

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Releasing the task

Multiplication resumed

Frame taken over


Morrows will beckon

To new guests in the banquet

My flesh to consume


Bread for the party

Bejewelled distribution

Casket of glory



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The evenings spent fast

Making the merry of host

Canticles for wine


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Lavish and wondrous

In pursuit of the honey

A feast for the numb


Eating out the core

A basket of apples juiced

Into oblivion


Softly I will fade

As summer breathes its last dew

Upon yellow leaves


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All images courtesy deviantart.com except the last courtesy pinterest.com. The beautiful ladies in mist are courtesy Federico Bebber published on deviantart.com

Lake of Tears – Forever Autumn

Lake of Tears – So fell Autumn rain

Lake of Tears – When my sun comes down

إشتد البرد

إشتد البرد

١٧ أغستس ٢٠١٥

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أنظر فأنظر

هل رأيت عينيا؟

لقد شكتا


إلمس فإلمس

هل أحسست بشفاه

نطقت بلا؟


إسمع فإسمع

هل سمعت أنين

آهات الحلق؟


العقل ملَ

من قول نعم و لا

فإلتزم الصَمت


نطق الجسم

ولكن لفظه

إشتدَ ضعفا


ما سمع القلب

لقد جمد فيك

و نطق الجسم


نزعت ثوبي

و في لوية وحدى

نزعت قلبي


إشتد البرد

تركتني عارية

لا ثوب ولا قلب


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