Eternity’s flights

Eternity’s flights

11 August 2015

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Lightning strikes silent

Building in Heart high voltage

Expanding through minds


Bodies now shudder

Rising above Earth’s thudding

Eternal heartbeats


Ravens follow terse

Our flight across the oceans

As our souls glisten


Eye catches your form

Sliding across horizons

Beloved landscapes


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All Heaven breaks loose

Hell shies away from our fires

Open embraces


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Lost in each other

We dwell God’s only people

As the Angels watch


Daybreak again wakes

The sadness of departure

Though I feel you slight


Agony of loss

To sunken Gods I now stray

In memory of you


Mourning is my cloak

Bodily reflection stills

Eternity’s flights


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All the sanity in me

All the sanity in me

20 July 2015

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Birds wrapped in the mist

Flying to dead tomorrows

Shrill are their voices

Thoughts of yesterday like stabs

Come to mind that seeks healing


Sun set in mourning

Pulling dark veils across skies

In black receded

Darkness would try to withdraw

All the sanity in me


Stillness in the night

Washed over darkest symptoms

White rose budded slight

As dawn, timid, peeped smiling

In waking hour I pray


Light filled my body

As the sun rose in blessing

Daybreak’s miracle

Mind renewed effortless peace

As I breathed in the Love waves

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