In the wake of Peace

In the wake of Peace

25 June 2017

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Moonlight crept

On years’ integral

I plotted

Unknown math

The resolution reverse

Falling of a hat



Lightbeams surround frame

In dungeons


The location mystery

Lodged in sunken Time


Dragons flare

From the heaving chest

Orange zest

A glow fit

To fight in battle no wit

In the wake of Peace


Reading of the poem: 

Purity phuntube com

Sojourn (eight string religion) – David Darling

Slow Dawn – David Darling

Prayer and Word – David Darling

Ecstatic togetherness

Ecstatic togetherness

25 September 2015

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I woke up from dreams

Found your arm around my frame

In peaceful slumber


Throbbing at your neck

Nestled in nook of shoulder

Your face glowed in dark


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Disengaging me

I turned for another dream

History to make


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Your hand on my waist

Tightening and drawing me

Closer shapes to you


Gone with the dream state

Only you and I enthralled

Ecstatic togetherness


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