Book of Love Book of Shadows

Book of Love Book of Shadows

16 July 2016

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She felt him everywhere. He was the morning sun, the evening moon the gust of wind that made her swoon into the vapours of the night. He was her glorious air and waning light. Dusk had him combing her strands under the shower and through his touch she felt a nourished flower. Dawn had her willing the sundown that he may forsake his crown to lie beside her again as time shifted into new axis. On went life like a joyride and never did he leave for a second her side. He was with her during her daily chores his unseen presence bringing her scores of answers to questions she never asked aloud. The choices were made before she even voices them in morrow’s gate and he was never late.


None felt him but her so vividly like only the fully alive can feel the fully undead. He was a walking ghost in her head. He visited her too when she was awake and never once ever spake although they had much to say to each other and all was said. From the choice of dresses to the choice of her suit the unanswered questions always bore fruit. He was that space in between the atoms and the atom itself. With her neither he nor she had any sense of self. They lived for the other that none would ever smother.


I live you and love you beyond Time he would say and to that reality she would endlessly pray. When the rain would fall she would hear of his ghostly steps the patter and then in the world nothing else would matter as she rose within and without to greet him and flout her newfound alternate ghostly world where she swam to the brim. A world where they would meet in between the blink and the eye between the joy and the sigh when the ravens crowed low and the moon was high.


He was there without a trace, the shadows a remnant of his face that she held so dearly etched in the suburbs of her retina so clearly as she watched him with her inner eye when together their ghosts to every whim did comply. I know you from before Time she said and laid her head on his chest where he stroked out of her mind all unrest. I love you from before Space he replied as he kissed her and sighed for all was now Grace.


There was not a touch she missed nor a spot on his frame she had not kissed. It was all there amid the drops in the air as it stayed in between a sheet of silken sheen. Material immaterial. Earthbound and aerial. Real and ethereal. He knew her every layer of her nightmare he was the slayer. Ever present ever absent a present in past and future tense which reworked the walls of her imagination. Stretched beyond belief, stretched beyond the falling leaf that sheltered the pages of the book that unfolded in her mind. A book she could read even if she were to ever go blind as its leaves were etched in her heart. A book of Love as it twined around her heart like a glove. A book of Shadows that only the heart knows.


Reading of the short story: 


Heart shadows 3

Hai Dil Ye Mera – Arijit Singh

Main Yaha Hoon – Udit Narayan

My Man – Geetha Balvannanathan

Le rougeoiement de mes sens que mon corps dément

Le rougeoiement de mes sens que mon corps dément

30 novembre 2015


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Il naît dans esprit vif des houles de chagrins morts

Tête et cœur chamboulés tanguent haut d’un mât de brume

De Troie fougueux cheval, reclus aux dents le mors

De traîtrise de volcans l’existence s’en consume


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La mer grondera en moi des élans les relents

Des passerelles étroites vers un autre vestige

Furtifs baisers volés spectres de vieux tourments

Etroitesse des âmes ment vérité les fustige


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Il m’est par trop précaire de craindre le moment

Quand Ulysse Pénélope retrouve une vie d’ensemble

Le rougeoiement de mes sens que mon corps dément

Trop d’extase en ce cœur son mortifère rassemble


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Across the River –Adam Hurst

Beneath – Adam Hurst (Arabic Cello)

Wilderness – Adam Hurst





Vois peuplé hors des normes par esprit Jéricho

Vois peuplé hors des normes par esprit Jéricho

10 novembre 2015

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De ces étés pourpres il restait la chaleur

D’un relent de l’encens anis camphre et myrrhe

Pour augmenter l’essence d’un visage de pâleur

Tandis que le cœur meurt d’un passé qu’on admire


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Il volait dans la foule un semblant de clameur

Voltige des ailés fut porté par leur désir

Au royaume des cieux bleus où le sang d’air se meurt

Mains glacées d’en dedans ne savent nuées saisir


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La soif saisit gorge enroulée dans de l’écho

Evidée de sens dans flou miroitement se lire

Retrouver dans ses sons renouveau des splendeurs


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Vois peuplé hors des normes par esprit Jéricho

Son des trompettes, du clairon, chant de l’oiseau lyre

Fracas de perte, réveil, dans des croix de raideurs


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Vangelis – Rachel’s Song

Vangelis – Memories of Green

Vangelis – Conquest of Paradise