The Devil’s Wife 5 : The way of the Flesh

The Devil’s Wife 5 : The way of the Flesh

6 June 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell


Her laughter suddenly stopped as he made his way towards her. She felt a rise in the intensity of his gaze towards her. She could see his body shimmering in the sun although it was no longer visible when he was elsewhere in the room. It was a beautiful sight indeed, like a river of diamonds sparkling under the sun. He slowly picked her up from the chair where she was seated and lifted her, making his way towards the bed. She wondered what it would be like to have a physical relationship with him as until now they had only kissed.


He lay her on the bed and left her there her heart fluttering wondering where he was as he was out of the sun again and she no longer saw his shape. She felt him again as the bed was weighed down by his form as he stretched himself on it next to her. She felt him lean towards her and then felt his lips on hers as he kissed her slowly and deliberately. She was glad she was stretched on the bed as she felt herself going weak as he kissed her. He undressed her very slowly and she felt him study her body as he did so. It was as if her whole body was on flames as he kissed and touched her everywhere and as they made love she felt as if her whole being was consumed by him.


Later on as she lay beside him with her arms around him she felt that it was the happiest moment of her life with this contentment filling her up and warming her from the inside. She had never even in her wildest dreams imagined that she would be making love with an invisible being let alone the Devil himself. It was an exhilarating experience beyond her wildest dreams. She hoped that he too had experienced the same elation and she was eager to speak to him and get his impressions.


She wondered how it could possibly take place this way between them while he was not made of flesh. Yet the lovemaking was something that went beyond any pleasure she had ever had with men in a human form. He seemed to sense her mood and embraced her again making the flames soar higher within her. She thought to herself that this was not just the way of the Flesh. This was something more, the melding of two souls and two diverse forms of life. This was pure rapture.


Jesse Cook Rapture

The Devil’s Wife 4: Threads of sunshine

The Devil’s Wife 4: Threads of sunshine

12 March 2017

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She looked out of the window and saw a gloomy sky filled with clouds from where the rain was falling on the flowers in the garden . It was such a rare sight that she took the time to watch as the drops fell first softly on the petals and then more heavily slowly filling up the pots where the flowers were arranged neatly at the edge of the lawn. She could almost sense the soil getting engorged with the pouring rain.


She fought back the urge to run out into the garden and dance in the rain like she had done a couple of weeks before and instead slowly lowered the curtains cutting off her view. She had sensed his presence behind her and it seemed he wanted to talk to her now while it had been a few weeks that he had remained silent. She turned towards him and asked if he wanted her to be seated and he answered that he did not mind either way. It irritated her that he seemingly gave her the choice while she felt that lately it was he who was making all the decisions. She glanced at her toes stubbornly, taking her time to respond. He laughed gently mocking her and calling her a spoilt brat. She sighed and finally chose to sit seemingly opposite him


She glanced at the watch and noted that like every time he came the clock digits added up to one of the numbers between 6, 8 and 10 or were a repetition of the same number. Right now, the clock was indicating 3:33. It does not mean anything, he said. That too irritated her, as she clucked internally against his propensity to predict her reactions and comment upon what she was thinking. I can do more, he said. Like what, she answered defiantly knowing very well what he meant. You know what, he said still smiling, his face immense behind her eyelids as she insistently closed them to avoid looking at where he was standing. She mentally dared him to and he made her lift an arm first sideways and then up as if she were waving to someone. I could be doing that on my own and not you controlling my limbs, she voiced sullenly and he made her tilt abruptly her head to one side and then to the other repeatedly. Really, he said mockingly again though his touch on her back was tender. What about frontwards she said and he refused saying her shoulders were too knotted and he would hurt her if he were to do that. Then again that might just convince you to stop daring me he said as he gently massaged the base of her neck and shoulders easing the strain at the back of her neck.


All of a sudden, he ceased his massage and abruptly made her head tilt forward and sway to the right with her left hand lifting high above her head and madly moving from one side to the other. She felt no pain but was irritated again at how easy it was for him to do that without even touching her. He laughed again and her irritation disappeared as his handsome smiling face loomed in front of her closed eyelids. She turned around and kissed him and once again was amazed at how that simple gesture could totally stop anything else he was making her do and be filled with the desire to please her. He kissed her back, lips softening against hers and letting go of her hands and head which stopped their swaying movements.


Where have you been these past weeks she reproached and he grinned his childish devilish grin that always made her catch her breath. I have been right here with you he said but you were distraught, not paying attention to me so I let you have some alone time. I don’t want alone time she voiced against his lips her eyes wide open now. Really, he chuckled making her right arm lift again and wave madly. Jabberwocky he said laughing and she could not resist laughing too. You’re such a devil she said, still smiling and he let go of her making his way towards the curtains which he raised slowly. The rain had stopped and threads of sunshine invaded the room as the curtains slowly lifted. I like to watch you in the light these days he said his shimmering figure set against the backdrop of a beautiful rainbow as the sun literally clung to him…


The Devil’s tears – Angus & Julia Stone

All of Me – Angus & Julia Stone

For You – Angus & Julia Stone



The Devil is in details

The Devil is in details

14 February 2016

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Courtesy Tomasz Alen Copera on


The vultures

Tired dark buzzards

Hungry pair

She had hair

He had all but a tight crop

More akin to a mop


They flew high

On their senseless greed

Death doth feed

These creatures

Hidden in despair’s darkness

Black words their prowess


Drip by drip

Intelligence fed

In doses

With slow words

Dictation manure for bred

In pots with roses


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Courtesy Tomasz Alen Copera on


Ink to dry

Faces sweet that lie


Rubbing faults

In misheard treasures hunted

Off the grammar’s scales


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Courtesy Tomasz Alen Copera on


The fools’ vain


Intent slain

The pair split

Twice the share’s unholy kit

Bleak fraternity


He went North

She headed down South

Where her mouth,

She belonged

The Devil is in details

Sadness wails me pails


Three can play

Only one can rule

In valleys

Of the blind

They say the subject is fool

One-eyed King scurries


Reading of the poem: 

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Courtesy Tomasz Alen Copera on


Everybody’s fool – Evanescence

Going under – Evanescence

Driving with the Devil – Brasher Bogue

The Devil’s Wife 3: Valentine’s Day on Earth

The Devil’s Wife 3: Valentine’s Day on Earth

14 February 2016

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She looked around her, the cherry blossoms were whispering secrets of the spring, the lakes were heaving with their golden liquids. All was bliss in Eden and Belzebu was by her side. This was going to be the second best Valentine ever, she thought to herself as she felt him embrace her from behind.

Her thoughts roamed back to their time on Earth when his parents had banished them back in time because he had burnt the moon in his anger over nearly losing her. He was so impulsive she thought to herself with a chuckle.


It was spring and the flowers were blooming. The air was dense with dewdrops. Earth was just discovering electricity. A young man by the name of Tesla lived in the shadow of someone greater who barely allowed him to breathe. He was enlightened and the older frightened, the saddest and most common denominator of humankind’s bleak history. They arrived like a lightning bolt into Tesla’s private chambers startling the life out of his young wits. The waves still shook through the air as they were introducing themselves to him and he touched the sparks all over the room where they had landed. Tesla asked Belzebu about the sparks and marveled at how the dewdrops in the air combined with the Earth’s energy compressed produced the sparks. Soon enough and after he had quizzed Belzebu a million times again about the sparks and Earth’s energy system and engrained power grid, he had ensured they would get a head start on life by procuring an odd job to Belzebu as a stable boy and watchman. By the conditions of his parents, Belzebu was allowed to seek nothing else than a simple life. The pay was sufficient and they also had food and lodging provided for them at a small cabin neighbouring the woods. Belzebu fretted initially over having to resort to a labourer’s life but one look at his wife’s smile then comforted him beyond words.


She watched him toil, so powerful once that he could cover the Earth in one stretch and fly to the moon to send it flaming and rocketing into the cosmos, there he was, tending to the horses, procuring water, repairing hedges and weeding the areas where she grew flowers. She wondered how he did not miss his powers and why he did not rebel against this situation. After all, his parents had made their conditions simple and clear. All he had to do to get full control over Eden was renounce her and their breed but he remained steadfast in his desire to keep both. He could not use any of his powers and the first breach of this would make both lost to him forever. When Valentine’s day arrived, he had a surprise for her, beautiful red, blue and purple roses that he had grown on his own. She wondered how he had blended into one rose bush all three colours but visibly he had not used magical powers as they were still there unharmed. When she asked, he merely smiled and kissed her softly, saying it was his secret. She then asked him how it was that he resisted using his powers just for her. He gazed into her eyes, his eyes overflowing with love and told her “You make me want to be a better man”.

She sighed. So many memories but that one sentence and that particular memory played fondly with her mind and heart every Valentine.


Reading of the story:

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Written in the context of Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes (the prompt being a line from a favourite movie). Ping back and rules here 


Ray Charles and Mary Ann Fisher – Sweet Memories

You make me want to be a better man – As good as it gets

Romance – Frédéric Chopin

The Devil’s Wife 2: Return to Eden

The Devil’s Wife 2: Return to Eden

31 January 2016

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Belzebu was worried. The date of his official wedding had arrived and his promised was nowhere to be seen. He knew his family must have had something to do with it. They had not approved of his union to the half mortal who – what’s more – was also half angelic. They had let him know very vocally that they did not approve of being shamed to this extent. Though his loyal supporters both ethereal and human had blindly accepted his command, his family still opposed the idea of making his marriage official. They did not mind when the two were wedded in secret matrimony but spelling out this union to the world was blasphemy according to them. How funny they could speak of blasphemy he thought to himself with a dry chuckle. His mirth died immediately as he saw a trace of blood on the corner of the wardrobe that belonged to his future wife. Could it be that they had actually killed her? He could not believe they would dare challenge his wrath in that way. The room simmered and blackened as he blazed, his anger notoriously a carcinogen factor for everything around him. Eventually his blaze died out when he realised there was hardly any blood there for his wife to be dead. He clenched his jaw, deep in thought wondering how to get to the bottom of this.


She looked around. It was an unfamiliar grey place yet not scary. Her head hurt and she could not remember why. She just had faint memories of being surrounded by a lot of energy before it had surged against her and she had blacked out waking up here. Something tugged at her sleeve and looking down she saw a young boy pulling at her clothes for attention. “We must go out now” he said in a hushed voice. “They have opened the gates”. She did not understand what he meant but he jumped up on the small table next to her and reaching towards her face turned it toward two giant iron gates that were slowly opening with a horrible screech.

Outside, many people were pouring into the courtyard from cells that were neighbouring the one she seemed to be in herself. Before she could collect her wits someone jabbed her in the ribs and she turned around to find a small being similar in size to the young boy beside her but with a wizened old face that was clearly that of an adult’s. He prodded her again. When the boy told him he was not supposed to prod her this way owing to her ranking the leprechaun, because that was what he visibly was, merely laughed. He knew that she like the others was going for memory reboot and nobody would ever know anything about the jabbing. Besides, who would possibly know her up here on the moon. Neither her own family nor Belzebu would ever think of looking for her here as it was normally only the dead ones that came for the reboot. She walked into the courtyard where a big signpost read Branding with a capital B in flaming letters and for a second she felt something flutter inside her.


Belzebu felt her at that instant. Her heart was clearly reaching out to him but it was too faint. Was she dying? The anger simmered again and the room filled with coals. He felt her again, the flutter faint but so full of her distinctive scent and under her flutter a lighter though somehow multiple one, a new kind of flutter he had never felt before. He instantly knew what it was. She bore his breed and perhaps that is why they had gone to such extremes, taking her away before he had made his marriage official. His mind raced as he tried to think where they could possibly have taken her. He dilated expanding himself over the Earth in search of her but she was nowhere to be found.


She walked on, the young boy holding her hand and the leprechaun poking her along the way. System reboot said the sign on the doorway she walked into now. Suddenly she felt a flutter but lower than her heart this time and she reached to it in surprise. The boy whose hand was tightly in hers gasped with surprise as well before his surprise turned to horror. He turned towards the leprechaun accusingly.


  • I am sure you knew about it
  • What good will it do anyone now? She will be rebooted and you know that nothing inside can survive the reboot. It will all be gone by the time she is back on Earth a new leaf.


She looked from one to the other puzzled before the boy pointed towards her belly indicating to her that she was with child. Of course, she thought to herself. She should have recognized that flutter. She had felt it before but when? She felt that other flutter again and something like an ache.


Belzebu felt her again, stronger. She was calling for him but visibly not on Earth as he was all over it and felt her at no place there. Her scent was coming from elsewhere. He looked up and there was the moon, staring back at him balefully, a hint of malice in her shade. He collected himself in an instant and sprang.


Just as she was about to enter the station, she felt a gust of wind shake the whole place. Something was right in front of her terrorising the leprechaun who fell to his knees crying “Master, forgive me. I did not know she was yours”. The gust of wind howled back at the leprechaun in front of her unseeing eyes something unintelligible yet so frightening that the leprechaun became even smaller, his beady eyes fully open in horror while his long ears and scarce hair fell back with piles of skin that were melting under what seemed to be the heat of the tornado in front of him. She screamed and immediately the wind came to a halt. She felt a familiar presence and then the overpowering feeling of something she had known for a long time right in front of her, soothing, caressing, the ache on her head slowly subsiding. Belzebu gathered his wife in his arms together with the young boy. The others had already entered the station and their rebooted souls were slowly landing on earth in various bodies. He shook with rage at the thought of what could have happened to her and his breed that she bore and the station flamed to cinders. Soon the whole moon was blazing, hurtling off track into space while he flew back to Earth with her. When he arrived on Earth, his family was waiting for them, angrily watching him land while the blazing moon in the background continued its slow spin off to the depths of the cosmos.


  • Do you realise what you have done? said his mother angrily
  • You have ruined rebirth and karma system for Earth as a whole by blowing up the moon, cut in his father icily
  • I don’t care about rebirth and your karma system or any of that nonsense, Belzebu snorted. We will put in place our own system
  • Pray how do you plan on doing that? taunted his mother. You don’t even know how human beings live and how they survive.
  • I will learn in order to become their leader and guide them into a new way of life, answered Belzebu
  • Your wish is my command, roared his father


Belzebu found himself on Earth in a remote time and space. His wife and the little boy were with him. He checked her insides but there was no damage, neither to her nor to their breed. She smiled up at him and did not falter even as he told her what he understood his parents to have done. They would need to work their way out of this like normal human beings, both of them and not just her. He reassured her though that if he succeeded in showing them he could also be a proper human being and provide for all of them without his usual powers to protect and help him then they would have to grant him back supremacy and unfettered access to Eden with her.


She looked at him again with love understanding that this was going to be a difficult test. Yet she knew they would be able to pass it successfully. After all he had gone up to the moon to get her back. She stood against him as he slowly engulfed her with his love and care, his lips upon her full and fleshy. She liked the fact that he was no longer an invisible spirit and knew they would get through this and sure enough, the days flew and in no time he had proven his worth beyond any doubt.


When he had gone back to his family showing them what he had accomplished, his heavenly father hung his head low for having doubted his own son. Slowly he gave him the keys to Eden and walked away. She watched from afar as he opened the gates, beautiful tall green, golden or rainbow gates all over the place that opened all at once. He scooped up the boy in his arms walking into the meadows and turned towards her, beckoning. She ran, her hands caressing the green grass as she rushed towards him and the boy, her heart full of happiness. It was indeed Eden, just like she remembered it from her dreams. She looked back at Earth, blue and sparkling in the distance within her mind’s eye. Their times there and his courtship had been quite a string of events but that of course, was another story.

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Tose naina lage with lyrics and Clips from Gangster

The Devil’s wife 1

The Devil’s wife 1

22 January 2016

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She walked among people aware of all the feelings flowing towards her. Their daily thoughts of love, hatred, anger, fear, a magmatic melting pot of emotions, volcanic spluttering of tendrils. All of this surrounded her and she felt like a sieged castle on the brink of surrender. The moats’ water ran low and no beasts occupied the entrenched excavations. The drawbridge had not been lifted and the castle was open to attacks but none ventured further. A bridge of energy higher than any physical entrenchment stood bleak against the surge of the feelings. She had learnt since several years to feel the emotions but not be submerged by them or give in to their tides. This feeling of being on the brink of the abyss stayed with her always as she had to live on the edge in order to accomplish her mission. It was at the edge that she could be most successful as that was where her mission of rescue was the most fruitful but that feeling of being on the brink of the void was exhausting on the long run.


A wise man, occupied much by the void himself, Friedrich Nietzsche, once said “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”. She had gazed into the void for so long and sure enough it had gazed back into her very soul. It had not only gazed back, it had gathered itself and walked into her parlour with a heady proposal. She would have the power not just to help those she meant to rescue but her powers would increase such that she would be able to heal fully those she meant to help. Until then she had only been able to advise, bestow compassion and love to make those desperate feel hopeful again and willing to turn their life around. With this proposal if she accepted it she would be able to cure them fully. Every energy distortion, every minute item in their body that had gone wrong, she would be able to heal it and make it functional again. “Arise and walk Lazarus” whispered her mind. What a strange sensation associating both matters, like welding beauty and the beast. Was it really strange though, she pondered. Opposites attract he answered her in her mind his hand on the small of her back, strangely soothing.


She turned around, her eyes meeting nothing as usual though she felt his keen presence. She thought back to the first time he had gathered himself to come meet her. His dark robes flowing around him fully lit by the small stars that glistened like crystals within a dark river, he had glided towards her, his energy seething with the strength of a thousand thunderstorms. That was one of the very rare times when he had allowed her to see him.


  • I am not your opposite, she said looking squarely at the level of where she knew his eyes were. She felt him smile. You are an angel too, though a fallen one, she carried on.


  • Yes my dear and that is all the difference. I have fallen and am therefore on the opposite curve of where you tread


  • But you love, she said. I know you love me, I feel it very strongly. It was not to take over my soul that you made me that proposal. You know you cannot take my soul, even if I were to give it to you.


  • I know, he acquiesced, but I am not even trying. I want all of you. For me, you are my Queen and will be so truly. You will accomplish my prophecy too. The red and the blue will fuse through you and purple will be born. There is no stopping that now, Blue. This world will have to move to the next stage and mortals will have to achieve that by enabling my prophecy. You will enable my prophecy, he ended, his face millimeters from her face. She could feel his lips against hers, his energy engulfing her, his love encompassing her whole being.


  • I know we cannot stop anything now but at least the way it happens can be changed. Why do you need to shed all that blood? It does not even amuse you so why do it? Can you not grant me that as our wedding gift, she ended, her voice pleading now as she broke away from the touch, her back towards him now. She felt his glowering energy grow even stronger and the heat was almost unbearable before he realised, cooling it down and instantly repairing the scars that had started forming around her spine.


  • So you agree, he said softly in her head.


He scooped her up gleefully and she let herself be carried briefly before asking him mentally to put her down again. That brief moment of being carried had made her remember how it was to fly with her own wings. She looked back at him from the corner of her eye and realised he was allowing her to see part of him again. Those beautiful wings, black and scintillating against the backdrop of the reddish skies she could see from the window behind him. If only she could get hers back but she knew that they had to be renounced when she had entered here. Only he could defy the rules like he had defied them so long ago yet like all children, he was just being stubborn. Why had it come to that level of hatred and anger, she simply could not understand but then again, she was love and love can only understand hatred to a certain extent.


In her mind’s eye she could see her own wings, beautiful, white and in between silken and fluffy at the inside where the smaller feathers grew regularly. How those spots at her shoulder blades ached when she thought of those lost wings! When she slept she could feel that sensation again, to fly like an eagle. She turned back towards him and realised he had come up close again, his lips touching hers again very softly.


  • Yes I agree, she said. I will be your wife provided you grant me that wish. Make sure your people are aware of all my conditions. I also need means of this world to carry out my projects of help to the destitute so make sure that your lackeys provide me the financial means to do that quickly.


  • Who would have thought, he laughed throatily at the idea, that all those saintly people, all those tight-lipped nuns and their protégées would be helped by none other than the Devil’s wife.


As he roared with mirth – he was indeed a terribly naughty being not half as bad as people thought he was – she moved away from him walking towards the mirror. She gazed long and hard at herself, expecting to see some monstrous transformation take over her features but nothing else than her warm and frank eyes met her gaze. Her face was as relaxed, calm and soothing as she had always appeared to others. He crept up behind her saying softly in her head that he could not leave her alone for even one second for she was so vital to him, to his actual survival.


He had of course fooled around with many women in this plane, some of them even having angelic roots like hers but none had captured his attention and heart as she had done. He told her softly that she was his soulmate, the woman of his eternity and that there was nothing to worry about regarding her physical frame because soon enough they would all be living in a completely different environment and she needn’t die nor ever grow older than she was at the time of the transfer. She knew he could even make her younger now if she wished so but she had no desire of going back to her 30s.


  • You never told me your name, she said softly turning back towards him.


  • Belzebu, he said caressingly as he took her hand and kissed it, sealing their pact. Then in a stage whisper he said for the benefit of none else than both of them or perhaps there were more of his own kind around “I give you for your caretaking and eternal service to her, my Queen, the Devil’s wife”. The air buzzed with hums of energy and she realised then that they were surrounded by energetic beings albeit much less powerful than her future husband.


She looked back at the mirror but there was only herself and then she realised that on the top of her head, there was something that looked like a dark scintillating tiara. She felt no excitement nor fear, just the full awareness that she would have the opportunity of doing so much more than she had ever been able to do. She was not even worried that he would change her nature and in fact he actually loved that very thing about her, that she was so different from him, that she only strived to help others. Opposites do attract she thought to herself just as letters flashed on the TV screen before her branding their union “The Devil’s Wife”.


He sure loved things in grand style she thought to herself laughing internally at his utter childish approach towards such matters. All those symbols and grandiloquent items that he made his minions adopt, just games of an unrelenting child. She laughed again internally, she really could not bring herself to fear him. I like that my beloved wife, he voiced in her mind, hugging her tightly as she sank back against his broad chest, her aching shoulder blades finally soothed by the energetic impact of the root of his wings as he lifted her and they started flying across the skies that had turned dark. Perhaps she could change him and somehow they could level out the energy in the new world to achieve balance she thought to herself and she could feel his mirth from the heaving of the energy behind her as he chided playfully “My beautiful stubborn Angel, my sweetheart, my wife; the Devil’s wife”.


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Babel – Caparezza e Radiodervish

Habibi – Radiodervish

Belzebù – Radiodervish

Queen of the Damned – L.A. Mansion and Extended Flying Sequence (Deleted scene XI)