Second skins peel into day

Second skins peel into day

14 January 2016

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Look at me

I reflect your face

Shining bright

Sketched in me

Your inks an invitation

To discover nights


See me through

Light’s mysteries flee

From my touch

Lurching sparks

I reach within owls’ feathers

Gathering fate’s quills


Whiff my scent

Pick up on the shards



Remnants of sunshine and ache

As I exhale dark


Smell me dry

Of memories might



The scent of despair and hope

Heady wanderings


Voice me soft

I fall like caress

From your lips

To my wait

Where two and two make more else

A fusion of sorts


Scream my name

In tattoos that writhe

Through my scars

Like dewdrops

On your hair and shoulders’ curve

The moon will glisten


Listen now

I speak of Beauty

Love your heart

Bless your soul

There are landscapes in my mind

Where we fly like birds


Hear me out

I will convince you

Of lovers

Who wander

In desert plains bringing rain

Like the rolling moss


Sense me bare

With lust and toil’s care

Light me spleen

Luster sheen

A repetition of thoughts

Litany’s prayers


Sixth me flare

Where shadows lead way

Light dies thin

Hurt follows

Second skins peel into day

Bright with future’s rub


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A few of the love songs that I have liked over the years and which translate several shades of love

Desire – Rumi poem interpreted by Deepak Chopra and Demi Moore

Veer Zara Do pal ruka Full song with English subtitles

Wael Kfoury – Hekm el alb with English Lyrics

Ci vorrebbe il mare – Marco Masini

Baby Can I hold you … Tracy Chapman

Ya Dali Ya Ro7i By Wael Kfoury English Translation

Main Yahaan Hoon Veer Zaara with English subtitles

Lara Fabian – Caruso

Your spittle me spare your mind I find poor

Your spittle me spare your mind I find poor

7 January 2016

shut up


A rapid and hoarse rasping romance speech

A breathing of sorts song of love to quip

A trained thought yet coarse mind a Heart to breach

Derailing consorts between track and lip


From despair to lair tears lust alternate

Upheaval so plain loss of common sense

Oh my lady fair your lover’s a state!

Deceiving and vain the pride of pretence


The word and the quill a poet composed

The gift and the art a means to an end

Hegemony shrill as nostalgia posed

The whore or the tart was his merry friend


I lead you nowhere pray find me that door

Your spittle me spare your mind I find poor


shut up 2


The Black Eyed Peas – Shut Up

Perhaps one Winter

Perhaps one Winter

27 November 2015


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The chances in ice

Celebrations yet dormant

Within Time’s spaces


A cramped sky of white

Clouds gathered competition

The silver linings


Birds in flights’ starkness

On backdrops of Heavens’ rims

Surrogate sisters


A hand on my knee

Pressure of a thousand cries

Purple dreams’ shadows


Your tears in my eyes

As wells brimmed with old despair

Crossed darkness in Heart


Summer’s painted skies

Contrasting orange for blue

Mythical morrows


Perhaps one Winter

I will swim in the lava

That burns within you


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Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You 1999 Live Video HQ


Ocean of Despair

Ocean of Despair

28 October 2015

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You ruptured the wound

It flowed freely gushing blood

Clad in muddy red


He watched unmoved, still

While mother hastened lonely

Cleansing though scolding


I ran to your side

He silenced my every step

Held you in between


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Hands wrung and helpless

Twin a brother could smother

Chastising, scorching


Confusion roared high

Blue Alice sank in the hole

As the well grew tall


Mother threw me rope

But my spirit cast in stone

Yearned for silent peace


I dwelt low a while

Yearning for twin fluttered

Peace soared through my limbs


Twin futures gleamed raw

More than heavenly pairing

We are our choices


Fools choose with the mind

Arrogance of all knowing

Heart seeing nothing


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Courtesy Tana Kolrus on

Token of eternity

Transformed in goodbye

I hoisted new sails


Ocean of Despair

Beckoned with the Tides Rising

As I set out slight


Ten turning to Twelve

Synchronicities strike Death

For second coming

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Tales of the wretched: Ashok and his mother – Chapter 2: Bread for the baby boy

Tales of the wretched

Ashok and his mother – chapter 2: Bread for the baby boy

24 September 2015

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Annie scurried hurriedly along the sidewalk, weaving her way through the crowd that passed by her unseeingly with some of its male components almost knocking her over a few times if it were not for her stocky build. She thought to herself that it was curious how once upon a time all male members of a similar kind of throng would have given way and whistled or tried to flirt with her and some had even tried to follow her and make acquaintance.

She had been pretty back then and everyone noticed her as she strutted by in her tight fitting clothes, her lush brown curls waving at each step. Now, with her sullen look, shifty eyes and swollen face, people seemed to have grown blind to her and it was with a genuine surprise that they cried out when she hurled something foul-mouthed at them if they bumped into her.

Society seemed doomed to develop some kind of strange blindness to poverty-stricken members of it, she mused bitterly. Once upon a time not only had she been a beautiful member of this same society that shunned her today but she had also been one of its finer thinkers. An English literature teacher in one of the most prestigious schools and with a career that was quite remarkable for her age, she was an example to some, a challenge on quite another level to others and a remarkably pretty teacher as far as the Head principal had been concerned.

Now she was nothing. Not even Annie. Tonight she had had her number with her, the precious number she had queued up for and that had enabled her to fill her stomach again, to be able to pull through another night and also to get something for her precious little one waiting at home. Today she was only a number but that number had become more important than her name had ever been. Sometimes she even wondered if that was her real name. It had been years since a person had voiced the letters into the sounds that she was familiar with.

Tonight like so many other nights before, she was nobody, nothing, an invisible spirit that none could see. Except for that young man, she thought. It was so strange that he actually looked at her. Not only did he look at her but he even spoke to her and did not report her when she took the food away with her, that precious food tucked away safely close to her heart. She touched the place again to make sure that it was not gone, perhaps slipping from the loose grip of the bra that hardly held anything anymore as the elastic band had almost melted down to nothing. She felt the precious load and smiled to herself with a renewed faith in life. Tonight again she would have some bread to offer to her young one bit by bit as she broke the crust, like a sparrow feeds pieces of a worm to its little ones.

She turned right at a dark alley leading to a couple of buildings in ruin that were waiting to be demolished. Day after tomorrow she would have to move out again and search for a new home as this one was set to go that day. It may be ruins for others but for her it was a perfectly inhabitable place with the walls still standing, the roof almost fully intact and some of the rooms still in perfect condition. She had made hers and her baby boy’s room in one of such rooms and even had a proper mattress put in with the help of one of the poachers from above 22nd Street where she sometimes went to beg or wash cars’ windows to get some money. She felt her way through the rubble and carefully removed the three planks she had put to hide the opening to the doorway.

Once she was in, she carefully replaced them and as the darkness welcomed her, so did a tiny voice that started clamouring as soon as she was in. It almost felt like her baby boy sensed her presence immediately before it was even audible to him, as if in all this darkness he had developed some extra sensory perception of her. She climbed the stairs feeling lighter with that precious load between her breasts, all the time cooing “Mama is got something for her baby boy. Just wait until I am there my precious. Mama has food again today for her precious little boy”.

She opened the door to the small room and rushed to her precious bundle of joy sitting in his crib watching her run in. The moonlight fell on the fluffy baby hair alongside his head and gave him the air of an angel as she gazed at him dumbstruck as usual at the sheer beauty of his face and the gentleness of his eyes. She took out the pieces of bread soaked in the sauce that she had kept in between her breasts inside her bra and broke the bread into pieces and fed him while he ate gravely one little piece after the other, his face alit with the pleasure of filling his little stomach again with something. While she fed him, her mind devoid of anything else than the pleasure of witnessing his happiness at calming his hunger rambled on into logorrhea “Bread for the baby boy. Who brought bread for the baby boy? Who brought bread for the baby boy?”

Through the veil of dark despair

Through the veil of dark despair

7 September 2015

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Darkness will surround

Body that light diffuses

Compass in magnet


Matter enters void

As void will absorb matter

Each to its own end


Face kisses faceless

Fate embraces the fateless

Brings Faith to the faithless


Lost in night’s embrace

The willow will weep never

It finds peaceful sleep


Destruction in Love

Brings the sweetest mutation

Renewal all spells


Change is not for weak

Glory will find the strong Heart

That throbs with all Love

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Change is for the meek

Humble is the one who seeks

Blessed shroud of Love


Be oak and be reed

Let every blow be blessing

Bend and stand tallest


The heart knows the truth

Though mind hums ever with bees

Deep inside you know


Dawn as you have learnt

Loves the darkest point of night

The peak of desire


Open your heart. Look!

Through the veil of dark despair

See the green morrows


A day will shine bright

As the night casts away veils

And sorrows scatter

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Flawless and silent

Flawless and silent

26 August 2015



The sun set like stones

Over valleys of despair

And sunk into me


Newly found nerves twitched

Endlessly replicating

The agony felt


Pleasure, agony

Through the same circuits altered

Every inch of me


Earth shivers then frowns

What cruelties it beheld

Bestowed upon me


Cutting inch by inch

Separation sliced us both

Into oblivion


Only piano played

Symphonies hushed to nude form

Of faceless sorrow


Stones raised me pillar

Of unswaying devotion

That angels cried for


You cried as I did

My heart bids you not goodbye

I yearn for your hand


You will sail on boat

I will await you on shores

Weaving our new fate


The Earth will renew

Time will stand still as we merge

Flawless and silent


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