She breathes sunlight

She breathes sunlight
17 February 2023
She sees through ugly
Her eye torn into darkness
Her gait leftover fancy
Of a lifetime of duress

She prays to the Gods
Her hands temple of fervours
Her mind beating the odds
Through failing faith that hovers

She adjusts composure
Her mouth a tomb of secrets
Her heart seeks closure
Her chest a book of regrets

She breathes sunlight
Her nose a cathedral
Her shoulders set into fight
Tomorrow a sight feral

Reading of the poem: 
Eternity ~ Lisa Gerard

Eyes seeing unseen

Eyes seeing unseen

27 June 2020

Courtesy the Iranian


Whirring soft

the wheels in motion

gather moss

as they roll

They pick up speed, lose control

from the momentum


Target lost

Blind aim untoward

they gather

second stones

ready now to break the bones

intention resolved


The victim

hair flowing downward

pining teen

chained to Earth

all but chest above the floor

eyes seeing unseen



In some Muslim countries, the women guilty of adultery or even of having an affair without being married are buried in the ground and stoned with the obvious result being death in most cases. Sickeningly in some countries even the victims of rape may sometimes be sentenced in the same way as adulterers or women having an affair. This poem is written to raise awareness of the conditions under which even a young teenager who would have been free to love in other countries may incur the death penalty and be stoned to death for the “crime” of being caught with her lover in isolation. I chose to accompany this poem with a beautiful video showing elements from the cosmos to emphasize the gulf that separates some people from the vastness of the cosmos.


Reading of the poem:

Lisa Gerrard – Space Weaver

They run through rivers

They run through rivers

23 March 2020

Courtesy Bojan Jevtic on Saatchi art


Did you feel

My waking anthem?

It speaks not

It fears not

It crawls alive down mountains

Measured in sentence


The wet tides

They crave beaten shores

Where I dance


Downtrodden path of danger

The will a stranger


I heed not

The hushed countenance

The words packed

In bosom

Now descending in quivers

They run through rivers


Reading of the poem:

Hush now don’t explain – Billie Holiday

Carried by the breeze

Carried by the breeze

6 November 2018

Christian Schloe artflakes com the-moon-asked-the-crow
Courtesy Christian Schloe on


Whisper secret tones

Cast again veil of darkness

End wayward duress


Relinquish the day

Shine moon over the sun’s glare

Lessen light to bear


Chant the night to me

In soft-spoken melodies

Carried by the breeze


Reading of the poem: 

The message – Still Corners

The Gods are sleeping

The Gods are sleeping

13 September 2018

Gods sleeping rassouli.jpg


The Gods are sleeping

Their infinite arms outstretched

Embracing our frames


The Gods are sleeping

Moss and heather cover them

Dark their sheltered caves


The Gods are sleeping

Their hair miles of cypresses

Wisps heave in the winds


The Gods are sleeping

Their faces emblems of peace

Bodies a firm rock


The Gods are sleeping

They dream plans to overcome

The human frailty


The Gods are weeping

Their tears a river of pain

Bondage unending


Reading of the poem: 

Fragile – Sting & Stevie Wonder

We escaped at last an end of horror

We escaped at last an end of horror

1 September 2018

Escape horror pinterest com


They told us tales of how we would have gone

With our skins to hide and wailing bellies

With our knees quaking and courage foregone

A tale now foretold as our breaths would cease


The sun melted into the horizon

Traces of the cold to come submerged us

Jaded darkness overcame the prison

This was the end we would go without fuss


The eyes within the cypresses watched on

We walked uphill to places forgotten

The will now forsaken the soul forlorn

A semblance of human its core rotten


They gathered us in increasing darkness

The night was the tool of lasting terror

Free will brought all courage we could harness

We escaped at last an end of horror


Reading of the poem: 

Ends of the Earth – Lord Huron


The Edge of the Light

The Edge of the Light

24 June 2018

edge Christian Schloe
Courtesy Christian Schloe.


There is dark

On the road to Home

It revives


When we feel that we’re alone

It cloaks us like ink


We reach brink

Of our own limits

Fortune tells

Unheard Tales

The faithless the self impales

Carry no crosses


Heartbeats still

Raging fires cease

The disease

Self made ache

We commit the same mistake

Over and over


Withered eyes

Seek out the lanterns

Look outside

Not inside

Curtains ruffle as they slide

Concealing outcomes


The Light shines

I hold it within

Starry skies

Breath that cries

Outreach of my inner depths

When the will wavers


Seek the star

When the night is dark

Like a spark

It will guide

Know that in darkness you ride

The Edge of the Light


Reading of the poem:

Shine a Light – Banners


« When you come to the edge of all of the light you’ve known and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen. You’ll have something solid to stand on or you’ll be taught to fly » Patrick Overton




15 May 2018

Hush George Redhawk


Hush she said and the woods were silent. The pitter-patter of raindrops a deafening sound covering her waning heartbeat. Hush she said and the rain softly subsided, an occasional drop on a leaf resounding like a thud in her head. Hush she said and the leaves ceased caressing the wind, their whispers fading into the rising dusk. Hush she said and the blood in her veins slowed tenfold until she could hear the drip like a background music to the occasional flap of wings of a cawing crow shaking off the rain. Hush she said and the darkness engulfed her with its palpable silence like a long forgotten and well-worn cloak. Hush she said her eyes finally closing, her soul softly embracing the dark night.


Reading of the short story: 

Wilderness – Adam Hurst



The Interstellar darkness

The Interstellar darkness

22 April 2018

interstellar darkness pinterest com

She looked around her. The room was plunged in darkness akin to the that which her consciousness had been plunged in. She recalled how the two men had come to her talking of a former colleague that she had long forgotten. Later on she had discovered that as her consciousness was now entirely entwined with the collective consciousness, when she forgot someone whom she had known before that person literally disappeared completely from everyone’s memories. There was a period of lag however and it would seem that it was just before this happened that the two men had reached out to her.

She realised that whenever she forgot something or someone that thing or that person slowly started fading away or disappearing before vanishing altogether from the world. Once her former colleague back in her memories though, she resurfaced in the worldly realm and continued to carry on a normal life. She had also discovered that by small movements in her energetic alignment she could also make things or people appear or disappear as she shifted from one reality to another. This was not without its dangers however as it could also change her present and future altogether into something she might not necessarily like.

She also recalled how she had been so close to merging with the consciousness of her Twinflame and the rush of energy she had experienced when doing so. Although the merging had been averted she had been reborn into the realms of the Gods from the mere act of pursuing that merging and from that day on her consciousness had become totally entwined with that of Gaia and the collective consciousness of all the beings living on Gaia. She was still filled with sorrow at the idea of no longer being able to merge her consciousness finitely with that of her Twinflame but had been consoled by the fact that she was at least one with Gaia.

Of late, however, her mind was increasingly burdened by the intricacies of her situation and she felt every day less inclined to live in this world. Her daily meditation brought her a few hours of peace but then the humdrum of everyday life, especially one that had become so complicated, left her with a profound sense of dissatisfaction. Growingly she felt the stillness of the meditation’s peak draw her to it. She wanted to be one with the stillness, the great absence of any movement. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the stillness within, her consciousness calling the void.

Scientists around the world watched with horror as a black hole emerged at a point in space closer than what they felt was comfortable to the Earth. She opened her third eye and embraced the Interstellar darkness that called to her from within the void. Her consciousness merged with the dark energy that was throbbing within it and twirled around locked on to the energy. The black hole expanded and whirled. She felt her chest dilate almost to a point of rupture. The room was filled all of a sudden with a blinding flash of light.

Her chest expanded into the light before both seemingly collapsed into each other. She opened her eyes and could see the twirling dark energy. She raised her hands towards it but realised that she could not see her hands anymore. Her body had also disappeared and all that she could see was a swirling of dark matter joining the dark energy in front of her. All of a sudden she felt like she was on a joyride and she felt the rush before reaching a standstill again. Slowly she could see her body reappear in parts. It was an eerie sight. She closed her eyes again and could feel the darkness beckoning to her once more. Once more she merged with the void and its darkness.

Interstellar Main Theme – Extra Extended – Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

When the deed is done

When the deed is done

6 September 2017


BnW bored panda com cat-looking-at-you-black-and-white-photography-103
Courtesy bored


Tilting head

From perception points

Stuck at joints

Light anoints

A jaded shadow set free

Darkness pervades light


Say instead

Light swallows darkness

Inside thin


White on black blackened whitened

Checkerboard wizened


All is said

When the deed is done

Take a look

Loosened hook

The fish floating out in sea

Upstream and toil free


Reading of the poem: 

BnW pexels-photo-120271

The way Home – Sleep Dealer