Desolation’s land

Desolation’s land

26 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell


It rises

From deep within me

Molten fire

Lava’s ash

Through mind’s eye I see them crash

The colossal waves



Riding through the coast

In my mind

I see it

More than it was meant to be

Upon the first look


Bodies strewn

Particles of dust

The engines

Steel and rust

The only witness that stood

Desolation’s land


Reading of the poem:

Dido – Hurricanes (Official Lyric Video)

Control Halt Delete

Control Halt Delete

13 September 2015

zen wallcoo net Kyoto_scene_J01_47


Sometimes I just wish

That I could get such a key

Sprawled across my life


Instead I sit back

Listening to the river

As it flows silent


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