Missing steps

Missing steps

18 February 2020

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The mind follows bends

Of pathways


A walk in Netherland stride

Reckoning of wild



Consciousness between

Allowed hues

Disowned blues

A patchwork of dreams

Uncovering streams



In waves comes the greed

From the depths

Missing steps

The soul recovering sheen

Of forgotten spleen


Reading of the poem:

Over The Ocean – I Will Be Silent

متى تجيؤ؟

متى تجيؤ

١٥ أغستس ٦٠١٥

Courtesy defwalls.com
Courtesy defwalls.com

متى تجيؤ

يأَس العين دمعا

كلُ ظل ظلُك


قبَلني المر

سار منك عسلا

تغيُر الذوق


و رنَ قلبي

تابعا لحن وترك

رنين الآهات


قبَلت ثديي

في أحرج أحلامي

فكتمت السِر


متى تجيؤ

يا الَذي خان السِر

كل ذل ذلُك


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I flew to the chalk mountain

I flew to the chalk mountain

18 July 2015

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Desert sand piled smooth

Into horizons stacked still

Call to yesterday

Ring tone of memory box

Unwinds in body of clay

Eyes strayed in yellow

Traces of glory past swayed

To tunes forgotten

A music played in my soul

Humming to spirits unbound

Coils of time swirled

Memory corrected wrong

Darkness settled in

Doom overcame the righteous

Falling in love of the throng

Kings walked in valley

Where shadows never met soul

All but one in line

Irrepressible free bird

I flew to the chalk mountain

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Al Tuo tocco

Al Tuo tocco

13 luglio 2015

Americatv.com al tuo tocco Maria_de_Nazaret-Jesus-Cristo-Crucifixion-Resurreccion-Maria_Magdalena-Judas-Pedro_MDSVID20130330_0024_3

Tocco in mente

Tua barba sottile

Spilli, brividi


Cuore in cuore

Due occhi di fuoco

Centro di terra


Anima brucia

I sentieri di pena

Creando luce


Al tuo tocco

Percorrono l’anima

Raggi di sole


Corpo in corpo

Fusione e fissione

Per un terzo noi

Pablo Guerez website
Photo Courtesy Pablo Guerez



13 July 2015

mercy angel 4

Lovingness in peace

Extended to all alike

Grace to the Fallen


Heart’s expanding Light

Bringing where foe is no more

Caress for a blow

mercy angel 2

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All the promises

All the promises

1 – 10 July 2015

burning 8

The hours still stand by

As space expands in morrow

Slate of time dilates


Crops burnt in corners

Lie idle remnants of past

When food was mundane


Eyes wide with glory

Mind quenched with victory’s thrill

You rule, King of dark


Corpses pile aflame

Memories of hearts that loved

In vanity died


Thrill of chase vanquished

Idle thoughts of loyalty

String of hearts like pearls


I believed a lie

Intoxicating promise

Of a brave New World

Burning district - Courtesy Sancient
Burning district – Courtesy Sancient

Heart’s rotating light

Heart’s rotating light

29 June 2015


First light opened skies

Night’s sky lent itself to blue

As the sun renewed

Awakening spleen moved hue

Ice clad dark loosened its grip


Birds shook themselves free

Of night long of frozen sleep

As warmth flooded Earth

In mind vibration of hope shone

Illuminating corners


Velveteen dawn spoke

Its voice the echo of breeze

Air trapped in time breathed

Mind let loose spun miracles

Weaving a shimmering trail


Prism of colours shone

Myriads of tones highlighted

Heart’s rotating light

The core spun around itself

A new age of heavens’ might