When bosom is spent

When bosom is spent

7 June 2020

Courtesy daisynetwork.org


Wild flowers

Slender fingertips


Peering through

The face like a daisy’s gait

Nimble and humble


Meadows strewn

Pathways scintillate

Meanings sink

Into heart

The soul a wolf singing low

Songs of never more


Breathe me in

I am canticles

Chiming through

Desert rain

I am remainder of pain

When bosom is spent


Reading of the poem:

Stive Morgan – Ice And Fire

When the light dies out

When the light dies out

7 June 2020


Light is love

Darkness breeds the hate

We translate


Anger is a reckoning

Of the love waning


Northern star

Life is within you



I feel it your soft caress

Piercing through the veil


Hold me close

Within your bosom

Love to flout

All about

The darkness tends to blossom

When the light dies out


Reading of the poem:

Quinn – I will believe