Under your bright sun

Under your bright sun

21 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell



Spilling in the rain

The garden

Now awash

Flowers and fruit all laden

A feast for your eyes


Your features

Bright and definite

Like the love


Gushing through the sentences

Composed by the heart


My shadow

Under your bright sun

Towards which

I now run

Happiness is not mere word

Expression unheard


Reading of the poem:

Half the Perfect World – Madeleine Peyroux

Trickle of honey

Trickle of honey

20 May 2020


Flatter me

With your attention

Raw passion

To ignite

Teeth invitation to bite

Into fleshy sides


Seek and hide

Secrets to confide

I roam free

In your soul

Neither of us to control

Outcomes of the love


Your kisses

Trickle of honey

Embalm me

With sunshine

Your love is the only food

On which I could dine


Reading of the poem:

Norah Jones – Will you still love me tomorrow

Like a faithful friend

Like a faithful friend

19 May 2020

Courtesy pinterest.com



I feel you

In the moon’s wane light

When we rhyme


My soul feels like a feather

In melding with yours


We sway slow

In intimate dance

The halo

Around us

Trails of the shimmering glow

When our bodies touch


I hear you

Your words are like sun

Spread above

In the sky

Your heart meets my every cry

Like a faithful friend


Reading of the poem:

Those sweet words – Norah Jones

Like seal on my lips

Like seal on my lips

18 May 2020

Courtesy unsplash


I see you

Emblem of true love

You hover

In the space

Between me and hidden face

Redesigning worlds


The truth hurled

From voices of birds

Song from dark


They join the merry lark

In fusion of genre


Sit with me

I am now breathless

From your love

High above

A kiss so delightful slips

Like seal on my lips


Reading of the poem:

Norah Jones – I´ve Got to See You Again

Deep within my heart

Deep within my heart

17 May 2020

Courtesy dance poise


Dance with me

In moves sensual

To the beat

In our feet

Rhythm of the waves chanting

The soul enchanting


Heart singing

The melodies slow

High and low

Move bodies

The backdrop a scenery

Of spring’s greenery


Take my hand

To fairy tale land

We move fast

Soul steadfast

The music flowing in art

Deep within my heart


Reading of the poem:

Sierra Maestra – El Son Hay Que Llevarlo En El Corazon


The third (and my preferred one) of a series of three blogs regarding a transformation of my poems into songs by the talented George Steeden

George Blamey-Steeden


‘Remember how we used to fly away sometimes’ – a line from Geetha’s new song
Artwork by Duy Huynh

Once more I’ve had the privilege of working with Geetha Prod’hom, the talented lady of more artistic skills and genres than I could ever count, per my product, POETRY TO SONG

This time her brand new song, ‘I Wanna Be With You’. To say I had magic words to work with, an understatement.

I don’t think I need say anymore. Her words (words that have that rare special feeling); her song, speaks for itself. Thanks for the opportunity to have worked with you, Geetha.

Time for the headphones, here’s Geetha’s song.

If you don’t follow Greetha’s blog already, you can find her at GEETHA’S BLOG I strongly recommend you pay her a visit.

As ever, if any poets out there are interested in having your poems turned into songs then…

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The second of a series of three blogs regarding a transformation of my poems into songs by the talented George Steeden

George Blamey-Steeden

heart to heart

Artwork via Kimberly Gillian

‘Just Heart to Heart’, a second commission per my  POETRY TO SONG  product, from the talented lady of many skills, working across any number of genres, who goes by the name Geetha Prod’hom.

Sometimes, when working on a new song, the words get to speak aloud, telling me they want to be dressed in the music rather than share the stage. This was one of those. After a chat, the words and me settled on a cloak with an orchestral pattern. They’re rare things and I think that’s why I enjoyed the project like I did. Geetha certainly has a strong relationship with her words. Here’s the new song that now belongs to Geetha. I hope you enjoy.

That’s not all. When Geetha posts on her blog, you don’t just get the words, you also find she adds audio readings. I’ve chosen two examples here…

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The first of a series of three blogs regarding a transformation of my poems into songs by the talented George Steeden

George Blamey-Steeden


Artwork – Mihal Criste

My post today is about Geetha Prod’hom, the only female from Geneva, Switzerland, playing chess in the grandmasters’ category. On top of that, Geetha is a lady of many skills. In her own words, and taken from her ABOUT page on WP, “Born of an Indian father and a Tunisian mother, I have grown up into a multicultural background. I love art in all its forms and like painting and drawing. Sometimes I also choose to express myself in words through poems in some of the languages I learnt throughout my life. I write poems mainly in English, French and Arabic.”  I nearly forgot to add, she is also a healer.

I have had the privilege of being commissioned by Geetha to turn a traditional non-rhyming, most excellent poem, into song, per my product POETRY TO SONG . Here is the outcome. I hope you enjoy…

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Of Love’s wilderness

Of Love’s wilderness

16 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell



Green foliage

Covering the ground

Seeking eye

Now spellbound

I breathe in the summer’s dew

Seasons brought anew


Clouds gather

High above in skies

They rumble

With the seed

Of water mingling with salt

Life breeds a new creed


Falling rain

Shimmering raindrops

On my head

They sparkle

They point to a new cycle

Of Love’s wilderness


Reading of the poem:

Sam Smith – Fire on Fire

Rumbling in my heart

Rumbling in my heart

15 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell

Music set

Melodies thriving

In my blood

As they flood

The synapses of my brain

Through journey in ear


Parting point

Rhythm now disjoint

Like my knees

As they ease

Into postures of dances

Of my wild prances


Summer slow

Eases into spring


On the hills

Where I hear your echo ring

Rumbling in my heart


Reading of the poem:

PALO! “Al Monte” • Musica Cubana Salsa Jazz Funk