The first of a series of three blogs regarding a transformation of my poems into songs by the talented George Steeden

George Blamey-Steeden


Artwork – Mihal Criste

My post today is about Geetha Prod’hom, the only female from Geneva, Switzerland, playing chess in the grandmasters’ category. On top of that, Geetha is a lady of many skills. In her own words, and taken from her ABOUT page on WP, “Born of an Indian father and a Tunisian mother, I have grown up into a multicultural background. I love art in all its forms and like painting and drawing. Sometimes I also choose to express myself in words through poems in some of the languages I learnt throughout my life. I write poems mainly in English, French and Arabic.”  I nearly forgot to add, she is also a healer.

I have had the privilege of being commissioned by Geetha to turn a traditional non-rhyming, most excellent poem, into song, per my product POETRY TO SONG . Here is the outcome. I hope you enjoy…

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