Of summertime’s rains

Of summertime’s rains

30 April 2020

Courtesy 1zoom.net


Come to me

I will safeguard you

In bosom

Or in soul

As the banshees from you stole

Cries of the anguish


Let’s live life

On edge of morrows

Reaching out

Tall and stout

Final cleansing of sorrows

Negation of doubt


Speak the words

Of summertime’s rains

Lay your head

On my chest

Let me quiet all unrest

Rekindle your peace


Reading of the poem:

A tunisian song which appealed to me and which inspired the poetry. I hope you like it.

Inti Shamsi – Lotfi Bouchnak Morthada Ftiti .Chirine Lajmi . Nour Qmar

Rendering delight

Rendering delight

April 29, 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe



Of movement in you

Lost in space

I retrace

Your body’s forgotten hue

The ink and the blue


When sun sets

I remember you

The sweet touch

Of your face

From a spent reality

In an unseen place


In eclipse

I reinvent you

Through the sight

In the night

When your features blurred in light

Rendering delight


Reading of the poem:

I’ll be seeing you – Billie Holiday

Of changing seasons

Of changing seasons

28 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe on Artflakes


I cling on

Like a wild creature

To the ghosts

Of future

Passing lines of your features

Relayed in outposts


Hopes in air

Redesigned by wand

The despair

Searing through

My looking glass as I scan

The road unraveled


Walk in pace

With me as I face

The swirling

Fail never

To whisper soft the reasons

Of changing seasons


Reading of the poem:

Porteghale Man – Marjan Farsad / مرجان فرساد – پرتقال من

Marjan Farsad – Setareh Soheil / مرجان فرساد – ستاره سهیل

Khooneye Ma – Marjan Farsad خونه ی ما – مرجان فرساد


Dance with me

Dance with me

27 April 2020

Courtesy Saatchi art


Dance with me

Let the moon sway us


Our footsteps

To overlook the darkness

On journey of light


Dance with me

Within me stored steps

Rival waltz

Of roses

I know how to strike poses

No foot opposes


Dance with me

Lift the darkened clouds

Bring colour

To the grey

Into your arms I will stray

Our embrace to sway


Reading of the poem:

Afsaneh – Marjan Farsad / مرجان فرساد – افسانه

Plains of the free lie

Plains of the free lie

26 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Do you hear

The ocean shaken

It stirs blood

Through the flood

By the waves I awaken

On grounds mistaken



Of the chest that heaves

Fallen tree


Gathering the flailing leaves

The mind soul deceives


Look yonder

Plains of the free lie

They rumble

With the cries

The millions’ uneven sigh

Their dreams fly in sky


Reading of the poem:

Emel Mathlouthi – Naci en Palestina آمال مثلوثي

My shadows are within me

My shadows are within me

25 April 2020

Courtesy 3wallpapers.com


Rose wilted

Constant gardener

To rescue

Came along

The rose revived by water

Growing wild and strong



Flowing from the soul

Inhale it

Deep within

For when the hope runs so thin

Darkness to control


Fear no fight

Bow never to plight


The balance

My shadows are within me

They move me to light


Reading of the poem:

Alma – Guitarra Azul

Following their star

Following their star

24 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Sticks and stones

A habit for some


The ones thrown

With skill I used them to hone

My alternate strengths


Some will sink

While others will rise

The freedom

Some despise

It starts from fiery minds

Flowing to the heart


In the share

Unequal we are

The weak look

From afar

Brave accept feathers and tar

Following their star


Reading of the poem:

Luther Vandross – The impossible dream

Life’s everlasting flower

Life’s everlasting flower

23 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Inside me

The memories spill

They spell slow


Of words gathered in neat stacks

Unfolding in racks


The soothing

Blindness that covers

What I read

Once in time

Now concealed the very rhyme

Of breath that hovers


Outside me

Circles concentric

They twine low

Into skill

Life’s everlasting flower

Intricate power


Reading of the poem:

Alone with the Alone (verses by Ibn’ Arabi)  – Henry Corbin

The regained oneness

The regained oneness

22 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Old habits

They cling to me so!

Straight jacket

Patched woodwork

Confine me within closed walls

Of my teasing mind


Waking fits

Move to surrender



I am planted I cannot flee

A deer in headlights


Bosom speaks

Long lost rebellion

Open ears


The lost flames’ streaks replicate

The regained oneness


Reading of the poem:

Jesse Cook – “Once” (Official Music Video)

Jesse Cook – “Virtue” (Official Music Video)

Jesse Cook – “Shake” (Official Music Video)


Flowing from my mind

Flowing from my mind

21 April 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe



Straying past my feet


Of water

Pinnacles of the movement

Lake’s meandering


Sand and mud

Alternate in space

Between toes

Under calves

Spring’s pallid sun shining through

A day at the beach



Life in still motion

Teasing heart

Now departs

A million thoughts cascading

Flowing from my mind


Reading of the poem:

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra