Peach in him

Peach in him

5 December 2019



Wasted time
A circus that wound
Colours blind
To the Grey
A path leads under waters
Thundering in skies

Hark to tell
What ears comprehend
Through the well
Of light streams
Stories uninterrupted
In the mind that flies

The lips spell
Tonalities fused
Peach in him
Orange hue
Cobblers mend uneven shoe
One a pair of none


Memories – Maroon 5

11 thoughts on “Peach in him

    • What happened with your website Jean-Paul? I am not able to enter and there is a warning sign mentioning the site as linked to pornography. Wanted to catch up with your righting and not sure why this is not possible. xoxo.


        • I tried via google but it was telling me that the connection was not safe so I got stuck there because of the various safeguards in google. I was so fed up that I submitted a request with justification to modify the categorisation. Your site was rated 4 – Porhography by Sonic Wall and I requested for it to be changed to 14- Arts/Entertainment. We are being policed even on wordpress!


        • The rating will be changed shortly so look forward to reading your blog.

          Below is what they sent me:

          Dear Customer:

          You submitted the following rating request to SonicWall CFS Support:
          Rate ‘’ at 2020-02-13 14:00:10.023000 as:

          The request has been reviewed at 2020-02-14 03:51:03.203000 and rated as:

          You should see this rating change reflected within 1 to 3 business days.

          Thanks for your request.
          SonicWall CFS Support


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