Listless heart

Listless heart

30 January 2018

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Fill the wizened mind

Pools of lore

In the core

Unravel what is in store

Creeping through the thoughts



Through forget me nots

Piercing light

Through the night

Challenges of daily flight

Under the radar


Woven star

In the moonlit sky

Slow depart

Listless heart

Inclination to restart

Bosom an engine


Reading of the poem: 

Our Eyes – Nibana

No rain

No rain

29 January 2018

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She paused and looked at the clouds forming. They had been seeding them in hope of getting rain but she planned otherwise. Using the old conjuring of spirits of dry, she danced wildly invoking desert drought and parched lands. The land was cool from the winter winds but the skies grew clear of clouds and the dust flew in the air filling people’s chests. After all they had done to her, she vowed to not let the rains bless their lands until she received what they had taken away from her. They had thought her to be a mere vessel that they could lull back to sleep, not realising that within her the powers of the Shamans of old were reignited. She had rediscovered within her the spirits of the lineage of Shamans that went back to time immemorial when she had danced in Machu Pichu her senses blazing from the Ayahuasca brew.

Every time the clouds gathered she willed the weather back to that of dried lands. She had been in public once though and could not stop the rains from falling as she could not break into the dance of flames. As soon as she could, that one time it had rained, she had hurried back home and willed the rain to stop. Her eyes blazed with the fire of the phoenix rising within her and scorching the pelting rain to vapour before it had stilled it and reduced the clouds to small cotton balls in the sky. Hers was not a mere revenge but a mission she embarked upon with all the vigor and will of those who had been coarsely and negligently wronged.

During the nights, she spoke to the spirits of the rain and pacified them, letting them know that they could visit sites nearby where they could flow all their ardour into the lands. In her altered state she took them by the hand and guided them to locations that would either benefit from rain or where she wanted to wreck havoc in vengeance, taking them far away from where her physical body was lying. They danced through the desert skies, high above the clouds and making sure not to come into contact with these latter so that they would not be charged and wet the lands with their content. Every time she danced with those spirits, her astral body sizzled with the intermingling of the flames of the phoenix and the waters of the spirits of the rain. The result was a trail of mist and steam that onlookers identified in the sky as a streak similar to that of a wishing star. Together they danced right over Paris and other European cities before returning to the place where her body dwelt. Once the dances over, she resettled back into her body and slept a sleep riddled with dreams of the Mother.


The Most Astounding Fact – Nibana

Among Thoughts (Star Paths) – Nibana

I am a Soul – Nibana

The Host

The Host

21 January 2018

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It had been almost a year now since she was hosting the other being. Initially the cohabitation had been quite complicated with the other being manifesting bouts of consciousness that burst within the stream of her own consciousness. Considering it was an alien being, these bouts of consciousness did not go unnoticed by her friends and family. They had first dismissed her behaviour as an eccentricity before realising that she did not seem aware of it at other times when they spoke to her about it. Since the time they had questioned her about it and she seemed to have no clue what they were talking about they scrupulously took down the details of her behaviour and related the facts to her when she seemed to have recovered her normal self.

The guest was gracious enough to try not to express itself in its original language when displaying its abnormal behaviour that had got her family concerned. This had not been the case initially though and the Host had to face the embarrassment of explaining the gibberish that emanated from her at that time. While she initially had no direct contact with the guest, with the passage of time and when she was nearing sleep she was able to establish a connection with the guest. It was on one such occasion that the guest explained to her that it was a being from outer space that spoke the language of light. This language was basically derived from the points where sound and light intersected to form a vibration that could be perceived by the conscious mind.

After explaining the concept, the guest then allowed the Host to record a conversation it was having with a being that was not present in the same space. The guest then proceeded to explain to the Host that it came from a planet where there was no need for words as telepathy was used but that words were used when two beings were separated by a very long distance as that was the easiest way for the intent to be communicated strongly in very long stretches of space. The guest explained that intent that was purely communicated through telepathy could lose its vigor when traveling long distances while the frequency contained in the language of light could serve as a communication relay for the telepathic message.

The Host tried to accommodate her guest as best she could but it was difficult to know well in advance what would be required. At times the guest went completely silent and it was only by experimentation that she could get the gist of what was acceptable or not to the guest. For example, on one occasion she had eaten chicken which she had normally stopped eating and after a period of being unwell and throwing up the food, she had come to the conclusion that her guest did not tolerate the consumption of meat. This incident also made her realise that the guest was intricately attached to her system and therefore subject to all that she was subjected to.

The guest had explained to her that when it had chosen her as a Host, it had ensured it would download its consciousness into her through her eyes and therefore be fully mingled with her nervous system and command from there all the other parts of her body. In the beginning she had sometimes felt it was parasitical but soon the advantages of the cohabitation made her happy to oblige as the wealth of knowledge given by the guest was immeasurable. Besides, the guest had informed her that soon many other such beings would come on Earth and there would be a change in the system that they had always known in favour of a system called “The System of the Source Code”. The Host was eager to see what this would entail because as far as she was concerned, the current system that the world was using was broken and the whole planet was in dire need of a new system.

The Host had taken to liking the points of time before sleep when they would both communicate and realised that the guest had been teaching her brain to communicate in the language of the light. There were also other scientific matters that they would discuss and that the guest would either enlighten her upon or correct her perception. She realised that Earth scientists were mistaken in so many matters of mathematics and physics as well as in medicine for the guest would prove to her in a very clear way through mental projection of images the truth of the matter. She wished she could take down notes but as this exchange happened when she was nearing sleep, she could hardly lift her hand and write down anything and if she sat upright anyway the communication would collapse between them. The guest told her that soon enough when they had integrated more closely the communication would extend to the waking hours and she would then be able to take down notes of their discussions. The Host looked forward to being able to do this and perhaps then share with others this amazing wealth of knowledge that the guest was communicating.

The Water Element – Dreaming Cooper

I know you love me still

I know you love me still

19 January 2018

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Thinking about the things that we used to do

The bond that was built between me and you

The life that we had shaped that seemed so true

All that’s left of that love is my heart so blue


I know you love me still

Your heart calls to me shrill

And I won’t stop until

I break through to your will


We had so much going between us two

You and me is the only thing that I knew

Now I’m left dazed and with no clue

Why the lies they said shattered us too


I know you love me still

Your heart calls to me shrill

And I won’t stop until

I break through to your will


We had so much going between us two

You and me is the only thing that I knew

The life that we had shaped that seemed so true

All that’s left of that love is my heart so blue


Singing of the lyrics: 

I know you love me still – Geetha Balvannanathan


Creatures of the Sun

Creatures of the Sun

19 January 2018

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Winged creature

Hurried into space

Waning face

Withered eyes

It was the toll from the lies

That ran through the Earth


Bridled mirth

Shaking my insides

We finish

What began

The race an emblem of man

Burning to divide


Flaming ride

Across the valleys

Their wings spin

Tales of lore

When we live forever more

Creatures of the sun


Reading of the poem: 

Crystal Cave – Dreaming Cooper


The Djinn

The Djinn

12 January 2018

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The house loomed against the night sky as she walked up to the front door. As was the case every time she came back there she felt the same feeling of dread and belonging mingle inside her. It was a very complex situation as the house repelled her and attracted her all at once. When she was inside it, there was a sense of peace that pervaded her although every time she was leaving the house a strange sense of eeriness overcame her, especially at night. That same sense of eeriness was there when she came back to the house at night time after a long day out.

The porch was flanked by two tall pillars that reached right up beyond the balcony of the first floor to the roof where a small carving in the rooftop wall made it seem like someone was watching from up there. Whenever she entered the house at night the door creaked when she closed it behind her and a strange sigh seemed to follow the creaking noise as if the house were breathing with relief that she was back home. This and the several other peculiar noises that punctuated her waking hours and sometimes woke her up from her sleep gave her that mixed sense of belonging and foreboding.

She had attempted to leave the house and move somewhere else on more than one occasion but for some reason the attempts turned out to be unsuccessful and she had had to return to the house and resume her living there. On some nights she would feel a presence in her room and at the same time her dog would bark repeatedly but when she sat up in her bed she would see nothing but just sense that someone or something was watching her.

One night she woke up to the barking of the dog and came face to face with an amorphous grey-blue face right above her own peering down at her. She fell back in shock on her pillow and when she sat up again there was nobody so she wondered if it had been a bad dream. She could sense however some sort of movement from the corner of her eye but when she looked directly at the space there was nothing. At the same time she could smell an awful smell that reminded her of something putrid and at the same time burnt so she got up and lit a few incense sticks to make the smell disappear.

The next day her helper said the corridor and the stairs were smelling terrible and the dog had been barking all night so it was surely the visit of a Djinn. According to the local mythology, Djinns were some sort of creatures made of fire sometimes good and sometimes demonic , which when demonic had a foul smell and liked to play tricks on mortals. She tried to convince her helper to be more realistic and that maybe it was somebody with dirty shoes but the helper seemed bent on her conviction. She insisted that she had to remove the negative traces and stop further visits so for the next few hours the house was full of a mixture of reciting of Quran and buddhist mantra chanting which the helper had found on youtube.

A couple of other times the corridor and the stairs had been all smelly and the dog had barked all night but she had not awoken to see the same face again and the helper just repeated her rituals for the full day all the while repeating over the phone to all her relatives that the house had a Djinn that would come up from under the ground and visit the premises.


Dreaming Cooper – Mysterious Places

Dreaming Cooper – Zero G

Dreaming Cooper – The Lost World

I feel you

I feel you

7 January 2018

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I wonder where you are

I see you close and far

I see you everywhere

You’re every breath of air

And I feel you. Yes I feel you


In every action

I see your passion

A chain reaction

That I am caught in

And I feel you. Yes, I feel you


We’ll brave the rocky ride

We’ll take the days in stride

I will walk by your side

My groom I’ll be your bride

And I feel you. Yes I feel you


Singing of the lyrics: