Prayer to the One

Prayer to the One

3 July 2017

spirit lambofgodglory


Mind aglow

Weaving through the flow

Land to sow

New rainbow

Heartbeats of anger to slow

Compassion to grow


Blow conceit

Bury the deceit

Three to greet

One to treat

The dark powers meet defeat

In the one way street


Hate to shun

Days roll into fun

Dread undone

Through the Sun

Remnants of darkness white spun

Prayer to the One


Reading of the poem: 

The Angels Voice – Diane Arkenstone

Heart shines in the mind

Heart shines in the mind

3 July 2017

land beginnings louis dryer on louisdryer com409-GODESS-FOR-WEB
Courtesy Louis Dryer on louisdryer com


We rewind

Efforts undermined

Meek is hiss

Peace in bliss

The love the power outshined

Heart and mind entwined


Strange to kiss

Willow tree to miss

Tall to stand

All withstand

Shadows fading in the mist

Glistening rain in fist


Love to find

In uncanny kind

Gust of wind

To rescind

Beacon of light for the blind

Heart shines in the mind


Reading of the poem: 

Night of the Northern lights – Jolanta Gałka


From land of all beginnings

From land of all beginnings

3 July 2017

existenceofgod org


Magnets beam

In tautness extreme

Angels gleam

In my dream

Their light the workings of stream

Of spirit supreme


In loop hops

Tamer of the copse

Whirling tops

Grow the crops

Where the echo soundless drops

Where glow of Earth stops


All risings

Sprout from more than wings

The findings

Love tidings

From land of all beginnings

Keen knowledge soul brings


Reading of the poem: 

Ocean of Stars – Diane Arkenstone