Quakes by Three

You me he and we
Are we more than eye can see?

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Quakes by Three

3 September 2016

quakes taranga net Courtesy taranga.net


Suicidal wave

Of words hurled

Through ether

Like curtains of the fallen

They rise and greet her


Helicoidal flight

Of the light

Under skin

The pathways stay divergent

The flicker rewrites

Quakes by Three

Disintegrate us

You and me

For Queen bee

She selects the raw pollen

That her will unites

Reading of the poem:

quakes deviantart com mtg__magmaquake_by_samburley-d5hpesh Courtesy Sam Burley on deviantart.com

Inlandish – Roedelius

Pastoral – Lloyd Cole/ Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Toujours – Roedelius

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