The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

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My Lover Dances

My Lover Dances

28 January 2017

stairway climb 2 Meditation (2)

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My Lover dances

He brings moon

Wedding boon

Our bodies locked as we swoon

Into wilderness


Chiming bells

Dark Time to depart

The pathway

Open I

You can only see with Heart

Forgotten the hells


Wishing wells

They record all hopes

I clung tight

To the ropes

My chest with more breath now copes

Dissolving the slopes


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy Christian Schloe

Yeh mera deewana pan hai – Susheela Raman

Sakhi Maro – Susheela Raman

Manasuloni – Susheela Raman

Half Shiva Half Shakti – Susheela Raman

Dhamavati – Susheela Raman

Maya – Susheela Raman

Bliss – Susheela Raman

Nagumomo – Mami & Susheela Raman

Nine weeks surmising

Nine weeks surmising

28 January 2017

Courtesy Christian Schloe



In a fiery heart

Cause ashes

To flutter

Like butterflies catching Art

In agony’s dreams


Unstitched seams

The dress drops on ground

Masks unveiled

Eye revealed

Watching but through the heart streams

More than what it seems


Stand erect

Uncoil the love strands

Heart withstands

Love demands

Three a time to incubate

Nine weeks surmising


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy Christian Schloe

I put a spell on you – Jesse Cook and Emma Lee

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter Three – Initiating the Heartpath

“You are right” he says. “I keep forgetting how much the energy surge can totally swallow you and make you forget the rest.
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The Spirit Lovers

Chapter Three: Initiating the Heartpath

11 October 2015

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Rita wakes up her head still full of lightbeams crossing the dark space behind her eyes where the retina still shivers to the remnants of the Essence’s trails. Slowly she picks up the reality of her surroundings, the beautiful rainbow coloured soft couch underneath her naked body and the pleasantly heavy arm of the man of her dreams lying across her midriff and squeezed into the tight space between the couch and the curve of the small of her back. She stretches and yawns like a cat, partially waking Martin up with her movements as her body pushes against him. Mmmmhhh he grunts softly accentuating the pressure of his hand on the small of her back.

Martin, she whispers, we have to wake up and go change in the bedroom upstairs. Nina said we would find Harold’s and…

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Time will not turn back

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Time will not turn back

28 January 2016

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Letting go

Has come to a close

Moon was high

Tide was low

I breathe in now deep and slow

Sheltered beginnings

Waves were rough

Felt we’d had enough

On it went

All fear spent

It is time now to rebuild

With love to be filled

Hark now friends

Our lessons are learnt

Hearts empty

Room plenty

Weave back those bridges we burnt

In dreams make amends

Cosmic swirl

Heaped in emptiness

The ropes cut

In space hurled

We are no longer alone

On path to oneness

We mend hearts

Quiet minds discontent

The slaves free

The will strong

We now know where we belong

Journey to sunshines

They will fight

Invoking all might

Thunder clear

Banished fear

Can you see why we are here?

They no longer rule

While we toil

Building tomorrow

Only fool

Unkempt heart

Would not…

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