Infinity’s Time

Infinity’s Time

15-16 September 2016



Blue waters

Encircling the port

Carry weight

Of stories

Lost sailors buried under

Pirates that plunder


They wage wars

The heavens deny

Our wage peace

Light kindred

Our daily toil rewarded

Twenty-three hundred


The clock marks

The eleventh hour

The skin breaks

With the quakes

Infinity joining code

Mutations process


Winged creatures

Birth from my bosom

Ghostly tales

Seek my mind

In playgrounds where we rewind

Birds becoming whales


Hammered Truth

In minds agonised



Shards of memory retrieving

In frames hung on nails


We design

Spacetime’s cavities

Weak promise

Thought forget

Strong keep promises not made

Will in the intent


We find ease

In lives lived unbent

The regret

A shadow

The meek speak the proud bellow

To each speech fellow


Gathered crowd

Crisscross of patterns

Raised lanterns

Eight rivers

Crossing at the peak of Tides

Infinity’s Time


Reading of the poem: 


Canto dell’Alma / Alma Mater – Flavia Vallega Krystael

Il volo dell’Angelo – Flavia Vallega Krystael

I Am that I Am / The Moses Code – Flavia Vallega Krystael

« Pour vivre heureux vivons cachés » To live happy let’s live hidden

« Pour vivre heureux vivons cachés » To live happy let’s live hidden

14 September 2016


The phone rings persistently but she does not answer the call. Earlier she had answered eagerly, too eagerly perhaps. She does not want to go through another round of lessons. Her daughter passes by the room.


  • Mom, your phone is ringing
  • I know
  • Well, answer it!
  • Sure


Her daughter shrugs and heads out as the phone continues ringing a while before disconnecting. It starts ringing again but she does not answer it. She counts inwards waiting for the 15th ring after which it will stop again. Her son passes by the room.

  • Mom your phone is ringing
  • I know
  • Well, answer it!
  • Sure

Her son shrugs and picks up his laptop before heading towards his room. He pauses and turns back towards her with a grin on his face.

  • It’s rude to leave the phone ringing
  • I know
  • Well, why don’t you answer it? That would be less rude even if you kept the person waiting
  • Sure

He shrugs again and this time definitely makes a move towards his room. Meanwhile the phone has stopped ringing. It beeps as a message comes in. I’m sorry, it says. Sure, she thinks. I’m really sorry, it beeps again. Sure she thinks again. No, I mean I really really am sorry, it beeps again. She picks up the phone and types “Sure”. Talk over dinner tonight? it beeps. Sure, she types back. 10 pm? It beeps back. Sure, she types back and then puts it down.

She goes over the previous conversation they had and can’t make head or tails out of it. He was upset she did not pick him up at the airport but what was he expecting? He had confirmed to her that he had booked a hotel and the hotel had arranged for a pickup so she could not figure out why he was upset she was not there. It was not like they knew each other and she would be waiting for him like a lovesick teenager with a rose, waving her hands madly with a big smile on her face. This was strictly a matchmaking choice between adults without any fancy notions about love and they had gone through all the options very carefully and dispassionately as far as she could remember. Yet he seemed to somehow all of a sudden wish for her to act like she would be welcoming him like he was the love of her life.

She picks up the phone again. I love you, it had beeped thrice while she was absorbed in her thoughts. What a silly thing to say she thinks. He does not know her, had only seen her images and sometimes chatted with her on skype. He had no idea what she looked like really or what she liked, thought, laughed or cried about. He had no idea who she was at all yet he expected her to play out the romantic self-deluding story of having fallen in love at first sight.

Later that evening as she finishes combing her hair and putting on her heels, she picks up the phone again as it buzzes.

  • You did not give me your address precisely but I still found it
  • Good, are you at the gate?
  • Yes
  • I’m coming down. Please don’t come in and don’t come out of the taxi
  • Sure

He sounds disappointed again and she checks herself as irritation rises inside her. She does not want to appear insensitive as he has come all this way and they cannot even carry out their initial plans for a short break elsewhere but she feels he is reacting disproportionately. She hurries downstairs and as she closes the gate behind her he rises from his seat as if to come greet her but she urges him to sit back. She enters the taxi as he moves over and gives him a peck on the cheek. He looks good from up close, really good and he smells really nice, she thinks but keeps the thoughts to herself.

  • You smell nice
  • Thanks
  • You look beautiful
  • Thanks
  • I brought you some flowers. I thought I could bring them to you in the house so you could arrange them somewhere but no problem, you can take them home later

Oh God, she thinks to herself. How to tell him now that she hates cut flowers. He looks at her with a smile on his face and picks up the covered item from the floor near his feet. It is an earthen pot with a small rose plant.

  • I know you don’t like cut flowers
  • Really? How did you know?
  • You mentioned that before on your facebook

She is touched that he remembered. Even some of her close friends do not remember that about her. She feels bad at not having invited him in but then remembers her promise to herself. No allowing any suitors inside the house and no introducing anyone to her family until she is really sure. She smiles and thanks him for the flowers as the taxi speeds away to the evening’s destination “Segreto”. They talk a lot about their lives, their respective children, their vision of the future, the more concrete plans they need to make to carry this out. As the evening passes by, she catches herself looking at the rose plant in its pot several times which helps in relaxing her and she starts really enjoying his company.

  • I’m sorry about this morning
  • It’s okay, let’s forget about it
  • No, I really am sorry. I realised all of a sudden that it might have come out as patronising but I did not mean to sound like that. I was just disappointed you were not at the airport and wanted to tell you how I felt. I did not mean to be rude
  • It’s okay. It’s just that things are so awkward here, you cannot express yourself properly. You have to hide to avoid trouble as you never know how things could turn out in this country and I hate the idea of having a first encounter so restrained and artificial
  • I understand. Again I’m sorry. I had not thought about the context and was too tired this morning to keep my feelings under cover.
  • It’s okay, let’s forget about it
  • Sure?
  • Sure
  • You make me think about a French proverb that my Swiss grandmother told me once
  • What proverb?
  • Pour vivre heureux vivons cachés

He picks up her hand and kisses her wrist on the inside and smiles at her again. Now she regrets not having been there at the airport waving a red rose and sporting her biggest smile. She smiles back at him. “Pour vivre heureux vivons caches”. I like that !, she thinks to herself.


Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai – Susheela Raman

Blue Lilly Red Lotus – Susheela Raman

Mahima – Susheela Raman



Renewed the divine within me she’ll dwell

Renewed the divine within me she’ll dwell

14 September 2016



With the dancing breeze I compose a song

Come hear the story of a tongue riddled

Of heroes hoary who lifetimes piddled

Stir your quaking knees and come hum along


My tale comes in threes that if bound are strong

Cross lakes ye Tory ride horse unsaddled

Awakened glory spirit unbridled

In Queen of the bees I right me the wrong


In flow of the vine decant me the well

When springtime’s blossom reaches towards skies

The blood and the wine within me they swell


On crossing the line I will sound the knell

Sorrows in bosom as withered past dies

Renewed the divine within me she’ll dwell


Reading of the poem: 


The Secret – Adam Hurst

Dusk – Adam Hurst

Ritual – Adam Hurst


Blood chalice

Blood chalice

13 September 2016



Three fourteen

Shortened rendering

Measured sigh

Breath of Pi

We broadened dainty patchwork

Fractals encircling


Silence grows

With the throbbing beat

In Heartpath

We renew

The old ways lost in the crude

Like trees in concrete


Regal cloaks

Flow from the shoulders

Of Elders

Walking nude

Revelation of the flesh

The delicate mesh


Painted frames

Of haunting descent

All the pains


They glisten in moonlit night

Awash in the light


The practice

Silver clad moons sight


The new flight

Precision of the target

On shores we forget


No malice

In heart of the child

Elm tree bends

Blood chalice

Carving through carmine lifetimes

Morrows twining suns


Reading of the poem: 


Aguae Universalis / Canto del Alma (432Hz) – Flavia Vallega Krystael

Living in Truth where shadows lie

Living in Truth where shadows lie

13 September 2016



The rain poured on land of empty

Where snakes hissed on the desert sands

The feet that trod the barren lands

Danced slow to the newfound plenty


The sands curdled like frumenty

A tidal wave that crowds disbands

Covered all but for groping hands

Reaching out for Twenty Twenty


I glimpse it all with withered sigh

Twin peaks that skies then pierced anew

What breaches Truth in Truth must die


From waters grave we rise and fly

We turn our backs the choosing few

Living in Truth where shadows lie


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy nudagimo on


Song to the Siren – Flavia Vallega Krystael

Stella nell’Infinito – Flavia Vallega Krystael

Presenza – Flavia Vallega Krystael

Veiled promise

Veiled promise

12 September 2016



Male female

Through darkness and light



Vibrating through the three chords

Self Soul Oversoul


Stirring thoughts

In pans of morrows

We had cooked

Spiced sorrows

The broth a slow infusion

Heinous perfusion



A sense of despair

Tool of dark


A concentrate of the fear

Keeping the hate near


The choices

They make more than man

We fathom

What we can

Sea of possibilities

The weak minds will tease


Mind construct

On auto-destruct

Only Heart

Sees life’s way

Death an easier pathway

Slow route to decay


Heart will soothe

The mind that awakes

In the flakes

Veiled promise

Powdery matter spreading

Infinite threading


Reading of the poem: 


The Key to the Universe (Dance of the Sacred Union) – Stellar

Lazu Ra Oh – Stellar

Journey in Love one four four – Stellar


The beautiful gallows on Cape Canaveral

The beautiful gallows on Cape Canaveral

11 September 2016



The silence of rivers speaks to the tallest tree

Its roots of millennium touch the hollow of Earth

The lessons of tedium help the mind in rebirth

The passage that quivers leads through slices of me


Foregone are the shivers the new tides set me free

In moon the selenium spins promises of dearth

Enriched the uranium times renewing the firth

In history’s givers printed code of the Three


We gathered the shadows the precious mineral

The crowds lined with haters cobbled stones drew the way

The women like widows advanced our funeral


The beautiful gallows on Cape Canaveral

When yesterday’s craters wrought the guesses today

The blue wept like willows the despair general


Reading of the poem: 


I let Love in – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

To be by your Side – Nick Cave

Where the Wild Roses grow – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Kylie Minogue

Frozen Times

Frozen Times

11 September 2016

Courtesy Jesus on


Pitch black hurts

The sensitive eyes

Reeling move

On blackboards

Revealing tempo of groove

Distilling the whites


Flying kites

Hover above me

Thin slices

Of glories

They regenerate delights

Of childhood stories


Hold with me

My grasp on them weak

I dare not

Even speak

As the ropes pulsate with throb

Of the blackened mob


Body loss

Puppeteers rewind

In twin peaks

Riddled streaks

Measures of hue man eat he

Shredded dignity


Lines to cross

In between jigsaw

Puzzle me not

We forgot

The clear-cut lines of the law

Lesser of evils


Weigh me down

Burden of anvils

Beat upon

Lost forlorn

The making of the sword less

Soulful from soulless


Talk to me

From withering caves

Your mouth shrine

Frozen times

The words fed to the wordless

Soul forever mine


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy Jesus on

Death is not the end – Nick Cave

Into my Arms – Nick Cave

Till the End of the World – Nick Cave


The inner voices

The inner voices

10 September 2016



Hunger spins

Fabric of demise


The crowds rise

Like the specks of deserts sands

Blow into new lands


Castles built

Upon edge of Truth

The minds free

Seek no glee

Within artificial gems

Pillars of the dark



Born of the foresight

Hidden light

Pervades me

Millenary waters breed

The birth of my creed


Complex rings

Gather to anthems

The light brings

In lanterns

We roam inside minds’ circles

When dark encircles


Waters heal

Touch of the darkness


To harness

The pathways to Heart reveal

New Kingdom to come


Silence breathes

The inner voices

Soul to soul

Talk to feel

The touch of fear to repeal

My staff my Heart weighs


Reading of the poem: 


The Voice – Celtic Woman

Nella Fantasia – Celtic Woman

Walking in the Air – Celtic Woman




10 September 2016



The timeloop

Frantic rewinding

The edges


Of the jaws of Time grinding

All coming to Halt



A token to ask

Heavy task

Lone shoulders

Sun setting behind boulders

The very last time


The Goddess

She preserves all souls

Her imprint

On insoles

In the mutated species

New life as Pisces


The children

They announced New Age

When the rage

Covered Earth

All purified by waters

Through heavenly skies


Waters flow

From rivers of sage

Shining gills

Receive Light

Spirts beckon to the Sight

Of shores in distance



In warmth of twined suns

They gather

Roots of loss

Elements all within toss

Winged creatures are born


Reading of the poem: 



Kyrie – Antaeus