Artistic collaboration

1 February 2016

Painting again using oils but this time with my daughter, a beautiful experience!

So proud to see her painting is so much nicer than mine with all the beautiful flowers.


She advised me to add more flowers to my half of the painting as I had only put a few on her insistence and as it is an oil painting I might just do that this weekend.


What a lovely and enjoyable experience 😀






My chevalet is an improvised one as I gave mine to my daughter


58 thoughts on “Artistic collaboration

    • Thank you Andrew. The whole house has something about it. I rent rooms via airbnb and one journalist who came here for a few weeks said it cured his writer’s block 🙂
      I write on that balcony, from mine or sometimes on the rooftop where I have laid out plants and chairs 🙂


  1. What a beautiful and endearing gift the two of you share. Cherish this time together, may the magic & love being created last a lifetime. This post Geetha really warms my heart, much love to you and your family my dear friend ღ

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    • Thank you Mark. It was a beautiful winter afternoon with her and warrmed our hearts too. She is 16 but often comes back to bonding mode although this is the first time in quite a few months that we had a whole afternoon together which did not involve a meal or an outing. Youngsters afe always on the move these days so that was a privileged moment in so many ways and left both of us filled with such a sense of love and warmth I just had to share it 🙂
      Much love and light to you and your family as well Mark, my friend ❤️

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    • The joy to experience it was so great I thought I should share it. Thank you Eric and I would say she is definitely much much more than her mother 🙂 She used to spend quite some time with me but as a teen – she is turning 17 this year, her occupations have been more with her friends so yesterday was a glorious afternoon really spent only together 🙂

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    • Thank you Jean-Paul. Yes they do :). We both started drawing at around the same age and are both self-taught. I am hoping she will be able to actually go to art school unlike me whose parents were too conservative to allow me to follow my passion.


  2. That is just wonderful! It is so important to give kids these creative opportunities. My mother never painted with me but I was in painting classes at her encouragement. It stuck with me the rest of my life and became an important part of my identity. It’s wonderful that you did it together.

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    • Thank you. My daughter sketches since the age of 5 but she never painted with oils so it was great to do this together. Great that your mother gave you the opportunity to learn. At my home it was not welcome and I am therefore self-taught. Not sure I saw properly your artwork.


  3. These paintings are really good!!! My mom is good with stitching and designing clothes (fashion to say) and I’ve strikingly opposite tastes…
    She has really spend years to teach me how to sew… but I’m totally disinterested!
    She finally gave up seeing my interests in arts and writing! 😊
    Ways to piss Mom off!😅😂

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  4. Two beautiful women, two beautiful artists! One of my songs plays music with me, and it’s such a beautiful mode of communication. These are precious moments, indeed!

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    • Yes Rob, it is a beautiful mode of bonding. How delightful that your son plays music with you. It is so precious to share something together. She is only 16 now but soon she will be gone to live her own life. These moments are unique!


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