Do you see?

Do you see?

23 January 2016



Do you see

The falling memories

They build lakes

Steeped in blue

The hue of moonshine

She and I were two


Did you know


Red meets blue

Purple tunes

The fusion of the phoenix

Rising from ashes


Child in me

Picks up drawing ink

Squaring planes

Circles twined

Profusion of connections

Slits into the soul


You are blind

Like we were once deaf

Our worlds shut

Like tight breath

Exhaling from compressed lips

Landscapes of sorrow


The silence


All dead words

In white shroud

My dark shadows lost in cloud

Nine a mere number


In your mind

Your thoughts roam alone

Path of stone

Ropes for blind

Highways grey crumbs left behind

Bricks for the tender

home en wikipedia org


Trick or treat

Guessing overstayed


Time precious

Ticks sucking red drops of life

Amusement parks themes


home daily galaxy com


Dark playgrounds

I seldom choose black

Shapes curving

Circles full

Foot ventures not on dead track

Misplaced wanderings


Truth and lies

Tilting sceneries

Wilting rose

Doubts impose

Proximity’s timed playthings

Stuffed toys for musings


Bask in light

Revered distant star

Twinkle bright

Lost the fight

We honour your corpse buried

Six blue feet under


Thieves plunder

Jewels of your chest

Show and tell

Cast a spell

Between words plastered and song

The walls hearts arrest


Clock ticks talks

Language spelt or read

Hymns for dead

Clues for child

Imagination runs wild

My aim in clear head


Do you see

The wasted morrows

They sink ships

Hidden hues

Swarms of bees suckling pristine

Sprouting of my Blues

messenger eloesh com blue-moon-priestess-blue-rose


Francesca Gagnon – Querer (Cirque du Soleil)

Una noche mas — Μία νύχτα ακόμα– YASMIN LEVY-LYRICS -Greek

Arno Elias -El corazon – Η καρδιά (greek subtitles)

The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of The Birds (432 hz)

The Devil’s wife 1

The Devil’s wife 1

22 January 2016

devilwife desktopwallpapers4 me


She walked among people aware of all the feelings flowing towards her. Their daily thoughts of love, hatred, anger, fear, a magmatic melting pot of emotions, volcanic spluttering of tendrils. All of this surrounded her and she felt like a sieged castle on the brink of surrender. The moats’ water ran low and no beasts occupied the entrenched excavations. The drawbridge had not been lifted and the castle was open to attacks but none ventured further. A bridge of energy higher than any physical entrenchment stood bleak against the surge of the feelings. She had learnt since several years to feel the emotions but not be submerged by them or give in to their tides. This feeling of being on the brink of the abyss stayed with her always as she had to live on the edge in order to accomplish her mission. It was at the edge that she could be most successful as that was where her mission of rescue was the most fruitful but that feeling of being on the brink of the void was exhausting on the long run.


A wise man, occupied much by the void himself, Friedrich Nietzsche, once said “And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”. She had gazed into the void for so long and sure enough it had gazed back into her very soul. It had not only gazed back, it had gathered itself and walked into her parlour with a heady proposal. She would have the power not just to help those she meant to rescue but her powers would increase such that she would be able to heal fully those she meant to help. Until then she had only been able to advise, bestow compassion and love to make those desperate feel hopeful again and willing to turn their life around. With this proposal if she accepted it she would be able to cure them fully. Every energy distortion, every minute item in their body that had gone wrong, she would be able to heal it and make it functional again. “Arise and walk Lazarus” whispered her mind. What a strange sensation associating both matters, like welding beauty and the beast. Was it really strange though, she pondered. Opposites attract he answered her in her mind his hand on the small of her back, strangely soothing.


She turned around, her eyes meeting nothing as usual though she felt his keen presence. She thought back to the first time he had gathered himself to come meet her. His dark robes flowing around him fully lit by the small stars that glistened like crystals within a dark river, he had glided towards her, his energy seething with the strength of a thousand thunderstorms. That was one of the very rare times when he had allowed her to see him.


  • I am not your opposite, she said looking squarely at the level of where she knew his eyes were. She felt him smile. You are an angel too, though a fallen one, she carried on.


  • Yes my dear and that is all the difference. I have fallen and am therefore on the opposite curve of where you tread


  • But you love, she said. I know you love me, I feel it very strongly. It was not to take over my soul that you made me that proposal. You know you cannot take my soul, even if I were to give it to you.


  • I know, he acquiesced, but I am not even trying. I want all of you. For me, you are my Queen and will be so truly. You will accomplish my prophecy too. The red and the blue will fuse through you and purple will be born. There is no stopping that now, Blue. This world will have to move to the next stage and mortals will have to achieve that by enabling my prophecy. You will enable my prophecy, he ended, his face millimeters from her face. She could feel his lips against hers, his energy engulfing her, his love encompassing her whole being.


  • I know we cannot stop anything now but at least the way it happens can be changed. Why do you need to shed all that blood? It does not even amuse you so why do it? Can you not grant me that as our wedding gift, she ended, her voice pleading now as she broke away from the touch, her back towards him now. She felt his glowering energy grow even stronger and the heat was almost unbearable before he realised, cooling it down and instantly repairing the scars that had started forming around her spine.


  • So you agree, he said softly in her head.


He scooped her up gleefully and she let herself be carried briefly before asking him mentally to put her down again. That brief moment of being carried had made her remember how it was to fly with her own wings. She looked back at him from the corner of her eye and realised he was allowing her to see part of him again. Those beautiful wings, black and scintillating against the backdrop of the reddish skies she could see from the window behind him. If only she could get hers back but she knew that they had to be renounced when she had entered here. Only he could defy the rules like he had defied them so long ago yet like all children, he was just being stubborn. Why had it come to that level of hatred and anger, she simply could not understand but then again, she was love and love can only understand hatred to a certain extent.


In her mind’s eye she could see her own wings, beautiful, white and in between silken and fluffy at the inside where the smaller feathers grew regularly. How those spots at her shoulder blades ached when she thought of those lost wings! When she slept she could feel that sensation again, to fly like an eagle. She turned back towards him and realised he had come up close again, his lips touching hers again very softly.


  • Yes I agree, she said. I will be your wife provided you grant me that wish. Make sure your people are aware of all my conditions. I also need means of this world to carry out my projects of help to the destitute so make sure that your lackeys provide me the financial means to do that quickly.


  • Who would have thought, he laughed throatily at the idea, that all those saintly people, all those tight-lipped nuns and their protégées would be helped by none other than the Devil’s wife.


As he roared with mirth – he was indeed a terribly naughty being not half as bad as people thought he was – she moved away from him walking towards the mirror. She gazed long and hard at herself, expecting to see some monstrous transformation take over her features but nothing else than her warm and frank eyes met her gaze. Her face was as relaxed, calm and soothing as she had always appeared to others. He crept up behind her saying softly in her head that he could not leave her alone for even one second for she was so vital to him, to his actual survival.


He had of course fooled around with many women in this plane, some of them even having angelic roots like hers but none had captured his attention and heart as she had done. He told her softly that she was his soulmate, the woman of his eternity and that there was nothing to worry about regarding her physical frame because soon enough they would all be living in a completely different environment and she needn’t die nor ever grow older than she was at the time of the transfer. She knew he could even make her younger now if she wished so but she had no desire of going back to her 30s.


  • You never told me your name, she said softly turning back towards him.


  • Belzebu, he said caressingly as he took her hand and kissed it, sealing their pact. Then in a stage whisper he said for the benefit of none else than both of them or perhaps there were more of his own kind around “I give you for your caretaking and eternal service to her, my Queen, the Devil’s wife”. The air buzzed with hums of energy and she realised then that they were surrounded by energetic beings albeit much less powerful than her future husband.


She looked back at the mirror but there was only herself and then she realised that on the top of her head, there was something that looked like a dark scintillating tiara. She felt no excitement nor fear, just the full awareness that she would have the opportunity of doing so much more than she had ever been able to do. She was not even worried that he would change her nature and in fact he actually loved that very thing about her, that she was so different from him, that she only strived to help others. Opposites do attract she thought to herself just as letters flashed on the TV screen before her branding their union “The Devil’s Wife”.


He sure loved things in grand style she thought to herself laughing internally at his utter childish approach towards such matters. All those symbols and grandiloquent items that he made his minions adopt, just games of an unrelenting child. She laughed again internally, she really could not bring herself to fear him. I like that my beloved wife, he voiced in her mind, hugging her tightly as she sank back against his broad chest, her aching shoulder blades finally soothed by the energetic impact of the root of his wings as he lifted her and they started flying across the skies that had turned dark. Perhaps she could change him and somehow they could level out the energy in the new world to achieve balance she thought to herself and she could feel his mirth from the heaving of the energy behind her as he chided playfully “My beautiful stubborn Angel, my sweetheart, my wife; the Devil’s wife”.


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Babel – Caparezza e Radiodervish

Habibi – Radiodervish

Belzebù – Radiodervish

Queen of the Damned – L.A. Mansion and Extended Flying Sequence (Deleted scene XI)



Bells will ring pealing roar in elegy

Bells will ring pealing roar in elegy

21 January 2016

A tightrope walker performs on a rope while holding a balancing pole during a performance at Puri


The tuning of love few delicate wires

A me and a do and so many cuts

Of heart felt the true not the peacock’s struts

Slight flight of the dove in cage of desires


The push and the shove old caveman admires

A hundred years too compound his sore guts

The warning cuckoo despairs timeless ruts

Of velvet the glove then welded by fires


I walk on the edge of a tight street rope

On right the healing soars with energy

On border of ledge still uphill the slope


Knee sore from kneeling bonded the clergy

Renewing the pledge with balance to cope

Bells will ring pealing roar in elegy


rope playbuzz com 2


Reading of the poem

Caught out in the rain – Beth Hart

Perhaps perhaps perhaps – Halie Loren

Am I the One – Beth Hart

As Time goes by – Halie Loren

If I tell you I love you – Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

A Woman’s Way – Halie Loren

Setting me Free – Beth Hart

Fly between Atoms

Fly between Atoms (A series of Brevette)

21 January 2016

chaos thispatchofsky bandcamp com



L   i   f   t




C   o   n   t   a   i   n   s




W   a   n   d   e   r   s




O   c   c   u   p   y




S   e   p   a   r   a   t   e   s




C   o   n   c   e   n   t   r   a   t   e   s




F   l   o   w   s




D   e   f   i   n   e   s




B   r   a   n   d   i   s   h



Reading of the poem

beyond halv blogspot com

Free bird fly – Omnia

Toy soldiers

Toy soldiers (A series of Brevette)

21 January 2016

toy theaveragegamer com


R    e    p    l    i    c    a    t    e




F    i    g    h    t




D    e    s    t    r    o    y




S    h    e    l    t    e    r    s




M    a    k    e



toy thegreenhead com

Toy Soldiers – Martika

Like Toy Soldiers – Eminem


Cycles of Dark and Light

Cycles of Dark and Light

21 January 2016

cycles ajitvadakayil blogspot com


D   a   r   k   e   n




H   a   u   n   t   s




S   t   i   r




P   r   o   v   o   k   e   s




S   t   i   l   l   s




C   h   i   l   l   s




S   u   s   t   a   i   n   s




A   w   a   i   t   s




D   e   p   i   c   t   s




C   r   a   v   e




S   i   l   e   n   c   e



A series of Brevette. For poetry form see here

Reading of the poem

cycles tarotbysirena com


Darkness and Light – Stephan Micus



20 January 2016

erased topenglishlessons blogspot com.gif


The lies

Betrayal’s throne

Your eyes


I looked

Dazzling brown stars

Was hooked


You chased

I dreamt you wiped



Reading of the poem

Musette see here

Damn your eyes – Etta James


Pounding Heart

Pounding Heart

20 January 2016

pounding lovethispic com


My heart’s winged strings




Heart’s rendering



Your face

Heartbeat’s onslaught

Steep pace


Reading of the poem 

Thanks to Thomas for introducing me to the Musette. More information on this form of poetry here

Heartbeat – Enrique Iglesias Sunidhi Chauhan

Le cou est fragile les destins funestes / The neck is fragile the destinies fatal

Le cou est fragile les destins funestes

20 janvier 2016

cou somathread ning com


Toi invisible loi étoile de mon ciel

De ma soif bulle claire ineffable ruisseau

De mon souffle rauque l’air prisonnier de l’eau

Brève noyade en soi drame circonstanciel


Egérie ma foi inconditionnelle

Ni l’écrit pour plaire ni clé de trousseau

Sort patibulaire de Méduse radeau

Coule de mon cœur roi stérile ritournelle


Oh ma sœur Anne dis vois-tu maître barbu

Le cou est fragile les destins funestes

Le roux se teinte gris le dos las fourbu


Cygne blanc fier gracile le vautour moleste

Prières vendredi sur les prés herbus

Vois la proie facile du cœur on sert restes


Lecture du poème 

Natalie Portman


Below I have included a very rough translation not including various meanings and cultural references but simply translating what meets the eye. For those who speak French they would probably get a different message. Or not J


The neck is fragile the destinies fatal

January 20, 2016

cou accord-desaccords blogspot com


You invisible law star of my skies

Of my thirst clear bubble ineffable stream

Of my hoarse breathing the air trapped in water

Brief drowning in the self, circumstantial drama


Egeria my faith unconditional

Neither writing to please nor key on the keychain

Sinister Fate Medusa’s Raft

Sinks my heart’s king in sterile jingle


Oh my Sister Anne say do you see master bearded

The neck is fragile the destinies fatal

The redhead colours himself grey the back is broken tired


Graceful proud white swan the vulture molests

Friday prayers on grassy meadows

See the easy prey of heart they serve leftovers

cou gentside com


Waltz No 2 – Yuhki Kuramoto

Sonnet of a fountain – Yuhki Kuramoto

A Scenery of trees – Yuhki Kuramoto

Snowfall of Cherry Blossom – Yuhki Kuramoto

Dreaming little boat – Yuhki Kuramoto

Wind Song And…. Yuhki Kuramoto

Lovingly – Kuramoto




A form of chaos

A form of chaos

18 January 2016

chaos justinpledger com


The fresh spring breeze

Spreading upon snow clad paths

Ice and weeds patterns


The heart in love’s mode

Flowed into green beginnings

Where sprouts spoke of life


Crisp wind sang aloud

Of flowers’ variety

That splattered springs’ way


chaos ink361 com


Colourful design

Nature a different painting

Divine the painter


The original

Duplicated in spirit

Replicas’ hot trend


Tone of flesh and bone

The technique impeccable

Natural and raw


chaos be well org


Parrot composer

Recent method of live art

Dreamtime’s wane copy


Cloning every soul

Mimicking style and habit

Late winters’ witness


You and I unique

Freedom our approach in life

A form of chaos


chaos loveletterdaily com

Written in the context of RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge using the words Style & Fresh or their synonyms. Ping back and rules here


Heartstrings – Yuhki Kuramoto