Liebster Award

Liebster Award

28 December 2015


I like the idea of loving that is suggested by the name of this award and I also accepted because the person who nominated me, John Coyote ( ) is a sensitive and humane writer – not what you would normally expect of a soldier and that makes you even more amazed at the kind of stories and poetry he writes. Thank you John for your well-traveled path and life-inspired soul that you share in your writings

So here are the rules.

  1. Pick 5 people to nominate
  2. Ask and answer 5 questions
  3. Post the picture in the post mentioning the award and ping back to the original post nominating you (if you know how to, else don’t bother)



  1. Do you like Holidays?

I like them a lot usually although at the beginning of my divorce I was having a hard time adjusting to the fact that my kids had to go see my ex-husband during that time so I could not enjoy the holidays with them. Since a couple of years I actually enjoy the break though I miss them once a week has gone by.

  1. Introvert or extrovert?

More on the extravert side, especially when I was younger but of late I like a lot of time alone as well, not because I am introvert but because recently I am in an environment where most people are not as genuine as what I would like. I like being with authentic people and have difficulty relating to people who are fake so if I sense there are a lot of fake people around, one could easily pass me off as being an introvert during that time as I would rather keep quiet and to myself than blurt out some hurtful truth 😀 .

  1. Is your writing real or fantasy?

I write both real and fantasy but sometimes even when I write real some people may think it is fantasy because it may seem far-fetched 😀

  1. What kind of blog do you describe yours as (many categories are fine)?

A blog of various artworks. I have put up mainly my writings of poetry and some short stories or thoughts alongside a few of my paintings, sketches and some photography (I must have taken over 10,000 photos all in all in various cities/countries).

  1. Are you afraid of anything, if so what?

I am not sure I am really afraid but let’s say that I really don’t like the idea of any of the three children I have passing away before I do. I know the kind of grief attached to that and would never again want to experience it


I will nominate a few but just remind that they are not forced to accept as I realise some people blog but don’t appreciate awards

  1. Thomas Ledrew a talented, romantic and wonderful writer and human being whose writings you should look up (
  2. Annie “Scribes” a talented writer who likes experimenting with forms and from whose writing you would guess that she is full of kindness ( )
  3. Mihran Kalaydjian – He has some wonderful songs on his blog that he sings himself and his voice is really heavenly. If you have not heard him before check out his youtube site or go to his wordpress blog where he posts his songs and reblogs other interesting bloggers too ( )
  4. Shitij Sharma – He writes some thought-provoking insights and usually in quite short form so it is easy to read (
  5. Tony Gaulton who likes poetry and theatre (he actually participates in plays) and who posts short insights or sometimes funny absurd questions/thoughts of the day as well as some beautiful pictures ( )

Did spring arrive early?

Did spring arrive early?

27 December 2015

bird pinterest com

The sand gathered

Rain attempted paths

Would desert gain terrain?


Puddles formed slow

The roads were heavy

Why did my Heart feel light?


The flowers bloomed

My Heart sang larky

Did spring arrive early?


birds pichost me


With a special thanks to Dajena aka moonskittles for introducing me to the form of the Questionku (learn more about it here) and to Thomas aka hooklineandinkwell for giving me the extra nudge to attempt it.

Lullaby of Birdland – Ella Fitzgerald

Let’s do it – Ella Fitzgerald




I will Heal your Soul

I will Heal your Soul

27 December 2015

healsoul dreamhealer wordpress com


I see your sorrow

In muted crying of mind

As despair rises


Lay your sword and shield

Let love be only dagger

Piercing gently Heart


Sit by my rivers

Bank on rising tides’ glory

Sing to your shadows


healsoul earthempaths net


Lay down weary head

Speak to me of your troubles

Let me wash your woes


healsoul youtube com


Embrace the feeling

Emerging from nothingness

Into Love’s glory


I will Heal your Soul

Swell blossoms of moonlit eyes

Crescents of morrows


When sunshine rises

Within dark of your valleys

You will feel the warmth


healsoul soulkissed com au


Sarah Jaffe – Swelling

Heavenly Father

Heavenly Father

27 December 2015

rising newoma wordpress com


They cried of foul play

That white were black and tar snow

Gyrating tables


They spoke of wisdom

From bottomless pits that stank

Of guileless treason


They heard no sorrow

Gave life no choice founded cause

For death all reason


soul pinterest com


They kneaded hundreds

Merciless bread for the damned

Agony’s children


They cried and beat stones

Jewels of splendour and loss

In chest that echoed


They raised green idols

That fanned all mildew and spate

Instilled in heart hate


They embraced the dead

Sucking mortified blank breaths

Blankets of glory


They unwound the life

Slow top that reeled unending

Their task dark, gory


soul imissmyhomeplanet wordpress com the_universe_inn_you_by_matkraken-d5w77b1
Courtesy Matkraken on


Of one the undead

Through pulsating Heart expressed

Words that rang through me


Heavenly Father

Ripped open my Heart’s ribbons

Gifted me to world


One to ten thousand

Ten thousand million summons

Of the ones that swirled


soul hillspugh com


Pretender – Sarah Jaffe

Life is calling – Beth Hart

Soul Shine – Beth Hart


Gather torn soul

Gather torn soul

26 December 2015

torn pinterest com.jpg


Star gaze

Between us

Cover me whole

Seep shimmer in cracks

Help me count star filled lines

Stream all fingers through my frame

Welcome whispers through aching fears

Teach me new meanings of nursery rhymes

Shelter waterfalls that shine through moonlight

Put your lip to mine let’s blow wind chimes

Cleanse dry the sore of life-spilled tears

Usher ponds through stealthy flame

Precious rocks in these mines

Protect and pile stacks

Gather torn soul

Quiet the fuss

Still maze


torn thedailymosh com


Evi Vine – Inside her

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – I’ll Take Care Of You

Truth mirror

Truth mirror

26 December 2015

truth colortears com


Near far

Strong pillar

The Earth under

Still lesson of Hope

Frayed inking of Future

Forgotten wishes of Doubt

The space in between Certainties

Stark tainting of my soul that calls out

Seep through everything and its opposite

What you have within to come without

Flush gaps in these Uncertainties

Carry my frail voice in shout

See in me verb nurture

Flow in me to cope

Sustain blunder

Truth mirror

New star


Truth pinterest com 2



Aleah – Water and Wine

Aleah – Breathe

No Clear Mind – When You’re not Here



25 December 2015

love pinterest com


We die

If we stop

Caring Loving

Helping each other

I’d want to tattoo Love

Kindness Courage and Daring

Through flames in my etheric self

Lift that heaven bound gait, discover

Blessed blueprint throughout all dimensions

Soul’s ecstasy dream would uncover

Cowardice spate resting on shelf

Let loose the sad, the jarring

Free on a winging Dove

One to one Brother

Bliss changeling

A dewdrop

In sky




Reading of the poem by me

Divergent – The four factions