All winds are howling

All winds are howling (Translation of Arabic Haïkus called رياح تعوي )

September 3, 2015

Courtesy awesometattoosphotos
Courtesy awesometattoosphotos

The trees are bending

While I am standing upright

All winds are howling


The hearts are shaking

For innumerous fortunes

Poverty’s backbone

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رياح تعوي

( ترجمة إلى هايكو بالإنجليزية تحت عنوان  All winds are howling ) رياح تعوي

٣ سبتمبر ٢٠١٥

Courtesy awesometattoosphotos
Courtesy awesometattoosphotos

أشجار تميل

أقف منتصبة

رياح تعوي


هزَت القلوب

تكاثرت ثروات

عمودي فقري

trees litgrit com

Of perhaps and of maybes

Of perhaps and of maybes

2 September 2015

perhaps aurelie 

You didn’t know me

I, gazing back realised

That neither did I


The scent of your skin

I did not know it either

Like a raw green fruit


Translucent and bare

Ripening under some sun

That rose pitiless


Its shadow stretched out

On lands that called to my mind

Loved Tuscanny

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Perhaps life will sway

Buckling under the treasure

Of those lost moments


Perhaps life will weigh

From the fruit at its edges

Like a slanting trunk


Maybe love will skim

Giving in to the pressure

Of its own torments


Maybe love will learn

From its own unkempt pledges

Like a rabid drunk

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Perhaps love’s desert

Where the sands move tireless

Waves on raging sea


Perhaps love’s a stream

Renouncing gift of water

Where mirrored light glows


Maybe life is firm

Its roots planted in the ground

Like an olive tree


Maybe life is gift

Scarcity does not matter

Where abundance grows

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Perhaps just to say

Per actual happenings

That real would spell out


Maybes aiming high

Tokens of when I once wished

An unreal clout


Banishing the doubt

Perhaps in string of maybes

Occurring, waning


A life made of chains

Of perhaps and of maybes

Blurring differing

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Breathed in hoping may it be

As day’s sun shimmered


Perhaps whimsical

What’s left of time’s passing me

Recounts that glimmered

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