Distant sunrays shine

Distant sunrays shine

26 May 2015


Weeds covered the grass

As the garden ran wild, free

Into confusion

Thoughts helter skelter scattered

Into unkempt tomorrows


A black beetle crawled

Feeling into moving weight

Slowly tucked away

I pack thoughts into bundles

Semblance of orderly tides


Flowers in stacks piled

Petals blooming out of ranks

Luminous arrays

Within my chest rows of light

To darkened thorns spoke silent


Silver moon stared grim

Into crescent’s stirring light

Distant sunrays shine

A glimmer of hope dives far

Into inner recesses

going home4

How not to be now

How not to be now ?

26 May 2015



Dew fell on the earth

A drop on a thousand specks

Sand extended thirst

Radiating through body

Hunger extended its siege


Sun rising dried dew

Scattered like pearls of still life

Pallor out of time

Shadows of me unbound stared

Out of a grey timeless void


Earth compounded waves

Sun tirelessly drew close

Cool air exhaled mist

Nebulous mind’s frozen sight

Pursued night into the light


Sunflowers lost core

Empty crevices staring

Taking in no sun

Shielded from rays I ponder

How not to be now? Tell me