Balancing worlds

Balancing worlds

20 July 2014


Blue light, palpable

A beam cutting through the night

Plays in my mind’s eye

Uncover the other side

Whispers my twin from within


Darkness engulfs light

Scent of magnolia fills me

As the moon stands still

Riding free no starry night

Compares with the lightless void


A willow weeps so

Arms cast in desolation

Around its slight frame

Weep not willow, time will come

When arms will lift in glory


Golden dawn rises

Blind to the weepers below

Tainted orange glows

From greed will you stay free?

Gold oil and silver are three


Sun’s splendor now blinds

Even the mightiest eye

As darkness dispelled sits low

Balancing worlds I fight not

The best archer stills the bow

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