Life stills

Life stills

6 June 2014



In the dense patchwork of life

I lay you down oh heart so rife

Of ten million velveteen flashes

Of stolen views between lashes



Maybe life is in those glories past

Of the racing times that fly so fast

Beyond the brink of thoughts laden

With the regrets of an iron maiden



Dos and don’ts  will accumulate

On the dark bottom of my plate

For I screen too slowly and skim

The acceptable acts at the brim



Maybe life is in the pungent now

Not knowing either why or how

A foot starts, another falters on

A hidden path just chanced upon



Mind timeless in emptiness soars

Heart in the pit, a caged lion roars

Remnants of a beast then restless

Lies in lieu of tied goat now listless



Maybe life is but a ruddy shade

From a million cuts of the blade

Of the sharp razor-like memories

 Which remain when all will cease

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