Beyond borders

Beyond borders

25 May 2014



No nation in heart do I bear

No flame in speech do I share

For a limited portion of land

Is but million speckles of sand


Notionless, nationless I stand

On my heart heavy the hand

Swearing oath is not my kind

Allegiance is but to the mind


Motionless, nationless yet blind

To coloured drapes you unwind

Red throats hoarse would sing

Anthems all emotions stirring


Passionless, nationless I wring

Hands tied by this unseen thing

That binds me not to any place

For each kingdom is but a face


Cautionless, nationless I pace

Countries leaving not a trace

For a line one would not heed

Wonders laying beyond greed


Lines are of war the very seed

Gift, love turned to want, need

Flaming speech my soul I spare

For no nation in mind do I care

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