28 April 2014


Time’s choicest moments taken

From a raft of the still selections

As I count the number of pieces

Collected throughout the book

Karma it seems has its own count


Some won over some forsaken

As scales whir into recognition

Of timeless facts a life releases

Spinning around oblivion’s hook

While Skuld registers all recounts


In memory I wander unabashed

At the taste of darkness and light

Akin to a sip of the invisible brew

Of two fours aligned in mind’s eye

Countless is weighed but in heart


Wrists one would have me slash

Buckling under pressure’s plight

Yielding to a mind turned askew

By tearful loss of a heavenly ally

Forlorn, standing singled, apart


Force and clash would bend one

Wilting mind if it may so choose

On fear many spake but few knew

In heart the quake in mind hue

Of a bold purple non submissive


Soaring spirit, bowing to none

Soul uncovering powers let loose

Smoldering ashes into fire grew

Burning darkness for glow to ensue

Fibers outreaching the missive


Light comes to the one who asks

Unfettered by a lifelong training

Of approximation and artefacts

Misguided attempts, a potent pill

A lullaby of much charm for some


Glory to spirit’s mind that basks

In yonder sun on blossom shining

As fear dull sullen its ink retracts

Leaving ablaze my window sill

Unbroken, unnamed here I come


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