Indian police force is actually very powerful and efficient but only when they choose

To buff a low or not to buff a low, that is the question…


“Your mission, if you choose it” expecting some great suspense? Sorry, the rest goes like this ” will be to find some high profile buffaloes stolen from a local politician”.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now. Finally the police in India have shown us the extent of their power and effectiveness. Some of us had just been losing hope in the Indian forces thinking they were not actually able to do their work but lo and behold they have been able to find the buffaloes in a record time.

Watch the below for a full overview of how this mission has been carried out successfully.

Now for all of you waiting for your father’s, mother’s, various ancestors’ lands to be restored to them while you toil away in foreign lands working to fend for yourselves, your families and sending money to those of your families who chose to stay in India, don’t get too excited. Using a full police squad for getting back the buffaloes of Azam Khan is one thing. Helping you or some elderly citizen get back his land or money from a thief is another ballpark.

Or maybe you do have some leeway. Convert all your assets to buffaloes as the police would not have an excuse to not get them back to you if someone steals them.

Meanwhile, for those wondering, my father is still homeless thanks to Chennai police and having lost his home to a typical land-grab situation that is being covered up and hushed, he finds himself stripped of his life-time savings and living in a home for elderly paid by his daughters.

All hail to the buffaloes, the only being worthy of Indian Police attention.

It is the land of the buffaloes after all, how could one even think of reproaching them such well-placed dedication.

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