Light in the night

Light in the night
20 December 2013


Dust it came spread its might
A seemingly normal weather
But in it armies swarmed tight
Packed like moss and heather

Unprepared my heart in fright
I gazed upon steel and leather
And as I braced and flew in sight
Wings shed more than feather

Stars that shine burning bright
Bring my heartbeats together
Make the fears fade from light
Shine path above world nether

Tall it stood through the night
A maze of dark sleek and clever
Stark and tense was the fight
Millions more sprung by lever

On it went the somber plight
A thousand sprouts whenever
Cutting through left and right
Ten monsters’ heads I’d sever

And as once I slew I now write
In pens bright swords as ever
Heaven’s skies mind’s delight
Where soul flies free forever

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