Per Mission to Love

Per Mission to love
15 August 2013

In yonder plains in mind I roam
With colours gorging on my soul
Feeding off and into the light
As the berries ripened glowed

With a heart yearning for home
I wandered from pole to pole
Cloaked and woven out of sight
As my life’s essence flowed

I am gradually awakened
To a purpose now obsolete
For the elders are no more
Wiped out of the morrow

The triggers all unfastened
Lead to illumination complete
And the ground throbs sore
With the bleakness of this sorrow

In that forgotten cage of memory
Words flutter without respite
With wings flapping helplessly
Flying from meaning to oblivion

Widowed seeker I mourn and bury
The remnants of their might
Eyes soulful darting listlessly
In search of the lost dominion

Home is nowhere I can see
Yet I feel it pulsing high above
In web of inconsistent shivers
Trapped by prodding giant steel

There will come a time of glee
Of their unified legacy of love
As the end of times quivers
For we are their steadfast keel

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