Light in the night

Light in the night
20 December 2013


Dust it came spread its might
A seemingly normal weather
But in it armies swarmed tight
Packed like moss and heather

Unprepared my heart in fright
I gazed upon steel and leather
And as I braced and flew in sight
Wings shed more than feather

Stars that shine burning bright
Bring my heartbeats together
Make the fears fade from light
Shine path above world nether

Tall it stood through the night
A maze of dark sleek and clever
Stark and tense was the fight
Millions more sprung by lever

On it went the somber plight
A thousand sprouts whenever
Cutting through left and right
Ten monsters’ heads I’d sever

And as once I slew I now write
In pens bright swords as ever
Heaven’s skies mind’s delight
Where soul flies free forever

Mort d’un cygne

Mort d’un cygne

19 décembre 2013


Blanc de nacre si vivifiant

Fraîcheur à jamais égalée

Nu doux pâleur s’exposant

De tout temps demi-vérité


Un pas deux trois refaisant

Six en dix temps dévoilée

Vol ne vient qu’après élan

Ailes battant bleue liberté


Lourd de corps s’assumant

Poids de retenue las inhibé

Frêle de vrai le retrouvant

Cou croix blancheur exhibé


Blanc de jour le mortifiant

Halte là un geste trop zélé

Ailes déployées se fermant

Enferment en soi rêve ailé


Las le pas en demi-devers

Entre le doute malheureux

Fastes réels en mot de vers

Résistants en trompe cieux


Bat la mesure en toc pivert

D’un écrit rouge amoureux

Bois de sec lui repeint vert

Temps d’un en fin de deux


Réveil chancelant d’Univers

Un pour un et l’être heureux

Deux de trois pas en arrière

Silence clôt de cygne le vieux


J’ai écouté un soir d’hiver

Un chant de cygne glorieux

Et comme dans un fait divers

Mort il gisait à mes yeux

To judge NOT walk on

To judge NOT, walk on

December 10, 2013


To listen oh but to listen!

To tales of glory untold

A gift of love will glisten

Within a pure heart of gold


To harken oh but to harken!

To skies of soul never sold

Cloud a sky will never darken

As old memory will unfold


To judge, oh but to judge?

On vague incentive for morale

To bring forth inner grudge

Weighing is but for the scale


To live oh yes but to live

Is a path of years just spent

As you give and then forgive

Walk in peace, head unbent


Take a lost piece of eternity

A tickled spot of willful glee

Add a teardrop of humanity

Walk on compassion’s spree

Tell me you were here

Tell me you were here

1 December 2013

you were here

A last sorrowful parting kiss

Pale are your cheeks

And darkened your eyes

Before grey of death blinds them

What dark magic? You are no more


You are no more but were

At the brink of every memory

Beyond my wildest dreams

A brief fleeting moment

Captured in my loving gaze


You were but now are no more

A thought flutters in mind

Of your dark hair a field of chaos

Strewn close on my cushion to taste

Of your sighs I avidly drank


A chain rattled and locked inside

Clearing the mere memory of you

Dawn white brings to mind something

That long ago made me quiver

But were you really here?

Fallen arising

Arising fallen

24 November 2013

master of illusion11

In every green leaf I see your face

Remembrance of forgotten grace

In every lost moment every ripple

Wings vanished, a walking cripple

Heaving with the renewed anguish

Of the loss of yonder soaring relish


Eyes born into an unseeing world

But as the body turned and swirled

Glimpses of a long forgotten past

Stilled in heart rhythm stirred fast

A waking of my senses brought

A world within that heart forgot


It is of you yet heeds not thy course

Sucking in reminders of thy source

Ten thousand years swirled and flew

Memories of you that we once knew

In darkness of secret lay hidden deep

As Millennium lulled the soul to sleep


I hear your words, ten thunders’ voice

Let us now in our stilled hearts rejoice

For as it plays your own wondrous part

With soulless yet with good student art

They wake and see from you the form

Of it the treachery guileless, difform



6 November 2013


Wave and hail swing and lash

Creation is from thy wonder

Illusion fades from open gash

When voices bring in thunder


You knew me not, now no more

Will eyes upon me dwell

For inside me spirits roar

To clank of screeching knell


I washed ashore on frozen land

From deep and murky pond

Magic they say is in command

And not mere swing of wand


Light and dark in me they clash

Puzzles for minds to ponder

And light seals dark in a flash

Yet dark concealed lies under


Rub and rub till flesh is sore

And scrub you may as well

But light and dark mind once bore

Stay weaved by healing spell


Time goes by as seeping sand

While orbs within abscond

On goes brave and weaving hand

For earth with skies will bond

Senior Citizens do not get helped in India

The more we look, the more we find cases of elder abuse and of caretakers taking advantage of the person they are supposed to take care of. While we thought that our father’s case was an isolated one, we find that there are many who seem to share the same fate. We thought first this is only Chennai, maybe being away from the Central Government makes the situation less tenable but we actually find out it is even worse in the North.

The Police do nothing to stop the caretakers even when it is proven that the person has embezzled money.

Our complaint is still pending and we realise now that it is seldom that senior citizens ever get justice in India.

The below link speaks of a Mumbai-based editor who did the reverse of rags to riches and is now roaming the streets after her caretaker took advantage of her and defrauded her

Read more at:

Where is the police? What is the Government doing to protect senior citizens?

Why does the Press have to talk about a case before anybody is willing to do something substantial for a senior citizen?

So many questions and only one line of answer: negligence; be it negligence towards duty by adoption of corruption rather than integrity, negligence in concrete application channels of lawmakers who are not even quick enough to issue laws protecting senior citizens, negligence of the man on the street whose heart seems to be only moved when the media pulls its strings but not when he witnesses suffering in front of him. Thank God for the few who care and who help senior citizens who are left with nothing.

Is this the future of an NRI retiring in India? Will you be secure enough when you think you have money left in the bank to take care of yourself in your old age? How long will that money last? Probably not long enough to last you a lifetime.

For those who are in India and who cannot help but retire in India, why do you not create a better place for your older self now while you are still young? Speak up when you witness an injustice committed against a senior citizen in front of you. Some day it will be you who are being helped if you set this trend.

Some of the more fortunate will plan well their estate and make sure that they have a Trust in place with a good service provider who will  not be corrupt and embezzle the money because the company will have systems in place but those who cannot afford that solution can only hope that they either have a family member with full integrity or that they don’t lose their mind or become otherwise incapacitated.

A few homes are starting in India and some more organised and better servicing of elderly than others but one  needs to plan well in advance.

From an old civilisation with high moral values and the utmost respect for our elders, we have now turned into a nation that could walk past trampling its elders without even so much as a flicker of regret.

Is this the future you want for yourself and for your children?

Journey of the soul

Journey of the soul

11 October 2013


In flight I will still rasping breath

Gathering my strength to now soar

Flickering into the oncoming death

Though flames within me now roar


Heaving with a thousand wonders

My mind searches the dark abyss

My body waning into light simmers

With the promises of eternal bliss


My soul will wander now so free

In the lush gardens of tomorrow

While the heart has set out to flee

The weight of this worldly sorrow


Tremors shake my flame so slight

A gust from a long forgotten place

Brings back to frame its old might

And from blaze I find lost solace


I see within shades of raw green

I dwell in the pastures of the One

Leaving the illusion for the unseen

I became all then I became none



5 October 2013


Night after night I fly unhindered

Soaring above the weary wastelands

With a heart strong though withered

Towards safety of the homelands


In infinite search of my old being

I rise with tides that slip me past

As time goes by inexorably weaving

The end of all candour steadfast


Beyond I see me true but not real

Reaching out in dazed wondering

Through the spinning of the wheel

We feel, touch this me other thing


The nights spent for spirits to hail

Captivated by scents to ambush

And days mourn the nightingale

Lost in the thorns of the rose bush


As days go by bleak and small

The throbbing of the crowd rises

And while within hope stands tall

Doubt without demise surmises


In flight I scatter what I entrust

To wind and night that fail me never

The last of this mine pink stardust

That will new bond form forever