In the stillness of my heart

In the stillness of my heart

17 June 2012



Noises in throat beating

To the tune of parched lips

Reach my throbbing ear

As a spell of quiet I whisper

A glimpse of memory fleeting

Of past hair falling in wisps

My throat is all I can hear

Voice down to a whimper

In recognition of a sunbeam

Waning on the shores yonder

I walk to ray of light glimmering

Lighting the darkness of a past

Fading back under the gleam

Of many a bedazzling wonder

As a lark in heart starts to sing

To the pulse of a beat steadfast

In the garden of tomorrow

Many a joyous bell crisp rings

Toiling uphill a journey of life

Along the path I tread, I hasten

I walk casting past sorrow

Towards new beginnings

As the air in scent turns rife

Leaving sands that quicken

In the stillness of my heart

A pace of tomorrow treads

Softly, gingerly avoiding angles

I tread rewriting a new slate

Towards a day to never part

As I walk on, my heart leads

With utmost care lest it tangles

With threads of another fate


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