Ignorance is not bliss

26 February 2011

Ignorance is not bliss


Vesper with a grace so demure

Looked around with eyes azure

She walked on road of confusion

Mistaking it for that of salvation


And as doubt did her inseminate

She slowed down to procrastinate

Again her hope she strikes amiss

And from ignorance misses a kiss


I witnessed her dire predicament

Being underdog her punishment

For when relentless follows hound

You will be put now to the ground


Vesper I saw you once so mundane

And all you do now is take the cane

O Vesper why do you so surrender

I weep forlorn your heart so tender


Vesper your walk is to further death

You walk on comes your dying breath

And as the last comes slow in its hiss

You will know ignorance is not bliss


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