Message in a bottle, love do not throttle

When I look and I see I’m not so blinded

When you talk so vain I do get wounded

When I listen I hear you, am astounded

When I read, I know my heart pounded

26 October 2010


The wind blew like a banshee wailing

I was such before, blown, arms flailing

And though the ships passed by hailing

All I could think of is solitude prevailing


Then there was you a lone man sailing

The light was there but faint and ailing

And as you leaned right over the railing

A message of love in the ocean mailing


Cast into the turmoil in a bottle it went

Through winds and storms it underwent

The message sailed on unbroken unbent

Neptune to its safety watched, no relent


Cast ashore to her on a shore it was sent

Frail mermaid large fishtail of her descent

Allowed not walking no flight, just meant

To crawl as time of her days all had spent


Fallen angel of a heavenly time she knew

When wings had her high and up she flew

The marine world had turned her so blue

To the darkest of oceans she became a hue


A message of love she found after curfew

For love at night often creeps on you anew

Leaving you in morning covered with dew

As tremors of the night say it is he not who


 Reading of my poem on youtube

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