Doom’s meal

On glistening bowels we skid and skate

Lurching, reaching for the prize, a mate

I look and I(cy)(see) how much I inflate

Much of them pains when we did relate

4 October 2010


I rock and I rock, I rocked till dusked date

Dawn wins the grey of last twinkling state

Ye fortune I seized for long it had me wait

I beckon you unto this foreboding estate


A leering twist in the timeless path of fate

An eerie finger of the corrupt on my slate

I look upon the face of yesterday (I)(i)()rate

Blossoms of bugs or slugs piled on my plate


This is my finger, eat it I must contemplate

This is my tongue that touched to translate

This is my wing that to heights did me elate

This is my heart, I split and you as I much ate


Ate? Hate? Do I remember

It was yesterday, another member


Morsels of damsel, awoken dead in a crate

Ghastly meal, I(eye) for you I(eye), we ate much spate

I chewed on the bone, my teeth it did grate

You chewed on the h(u)(ea)rt, its flesh did di(e )late


You chewed I did too this mine bodily bait

You watched mesmerised mine scanty gait

Saw no poison into morsels you can’t hate

Spill ye guts, by my meal, you’re prostrate


Reading of my poem on youtube

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