Looking into tomorrow

Looking within


I look behind, I look around

Some broken wing I might have found

I try to take off from the ground

Flapping, desperate, the faulty sound


I look around, I look behind

Traps, perils of my own free mind

Alas am I again to find

A dreary end, a halting grind?


I look before, I look around

Will life again me stun, astound

A piece of flesh, a gram, a pound

I’ve paid the price, stand back ye hound


I look around, I look before

Hopes a penny, yet threats galore

Poked at my ribs, my dreams just tore

Of pain I’ve filled, will take no more


I look before, I look within

Frail hopes glimmer, chances so thin

A stray dolphin ripped of her fin

Did life just end, did it begin?


I look within, I look before

Loving mother, that is my core

I think it up, my mind goes sore

Lover, partner or just street whore?


I look about, I look and block

My mind so numb, still deep in shock

Would I become a laughing stock?

Another girl, sought on the block?


I look and block, I look and weep

Is it yet there for me to keep

I opened up and loved so deep

A second, still thousands to seep


I look and weep, I look and block

A cloak I wear, an iron frock

Doubts, fear, despair, a dirty sock

He is my man, he is my rock


I look and block, I look about

My strength is there, my shoulders stout

Something within that just calls out

Whispers peace, I heed, need not shout


I look no more for him I found

In two we’ll share another round

In me I feel it still resound

Head in the skies, feet on the ground

One thought on “Looking into tomorrow

  1. I Pray, I Pray & I Pray
    It’s hard for me to say anything…
    The new life starts here
    A new hope, a new dream

    Forget, Forget, Forget
    Forget the pain, the fear you kept inside
    Celebrated & jubilated new life
    No one can hold you back
    Go ahead and fly again

    I met a mentor across the sea
    When we first talked to each other
    I knew you would always be a good friend/mentor
    You listen when I have a problem & put happiness in its place

    I guess this is my way of saying thanks
    Mentor there’re things that I still have to learn
    Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go and catch your dreams ……………………….Hope to mentor me again 🙂

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