Pair me not

Pair me not

The whirring sound of the AC

Artificial breeze in my hair

Sleep, a glimpse of eternity

Twirling, my mind it does ensnare


In my dreams tomorrow I see

Hopes with many a friend I share

The soothing of maternity

Rids of all evils and despair


The dreams I dream are meant to be

Yet my soul will never walk there

Arms reach out for felicity

Mind abhorring the mere word pair


All words pile up but break in me

Desolate my arms remain bare

Strong she breaks away in fury

My sister, my twin, untamed mare


Pair me not, she screams so shrilly

Choose me not a life so unfair

Seek not promises so empty

All we need is each other’s care

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Waking up

Waking up


A foot, a leg, someone walking

A lip, a mouth, someone talking

Fragments to my blurred vision impose

Their bold outlines, my eyes I close


A stir, a nose, someone breathing

A whirr, a cough, a chest heaving

Listless I turn and toss so cold

To signs beckoning, tales untold


A heave, a draught, someone waking

A scratch, a squeak , fingers raking

 Those fiendish weapons one can wield

Increasing pressure till you yield


A tap, a rap, someone drumming

Steady and slow, someone humming

Three devils, through my lids they peep

Goodbye forever sweet, sane sleep